Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Occupational Safety, Poe, Finn, Star Wars VII, by shadydave

The Importance of Being Edited, Miles Vorkosigan and fanfic, by shimotsuki

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nineveh_uk for alerting to the fact that there are Daddy-Long-Legs fanfic:

Dear Walt, Judy/Jervis, Daddy-Long-Legs, by Bookwormsarah

The Diary of Julia Rutledge Pendleton: Excerpts, Daddy-Long-Legs, by shealynn88


Read Kings Rising by [livejournal.com profile] freece aka C.S. Pacat. I was annoyed that it'd been 2 Feb here for hours and I had to wait on Amazon's timezone for it, but then it downloaded and I was happy. Repeats to self: Laurent is the blond one; Damien, no, Damon, no, Damen is the dark-haired one. Blondie is from Vere, Damen is from Akielos. Yup, gotcha.

I'd read a few chapters of Captive Prince back when it was still on LJ, and liked it... sort of. The story was interesting, though slavefic isn't really my kink, but it was fun to read. Only I kept mixing up the two main characters. Not due to any fault in the characterisations, but due to my facility for confusing d/l/m/r sounds. Dalen, Daren, Ramen, Laumen, Lauden... it was frustrating. With constant reminders to self (see above), though, I worked though that, and got three books' worth of entertainment. spoilery? More opinions than about plot )


issenllo: strawberry thief print from William Morris (Default)

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