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Yuletide reveals:

Much thanks to psiten, who wrote Midnight Song, Seishiro/Subaru, Tokyo Babylon/X. It's a lovely fic and I'm delighted!

Mentioned below, but worth mentioning again: Magnet and Steel, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, which was by [personal profile] tielan. I love your TCP fics, and thank you again. ^____^

I wrote A Gentleman's Venture, a Sorcerer to the Crown fic, which started off okay, but I didn't give a longer follow-up, for which I feel apologetic. I definitely need more of the universe before I can write more.


Once Upon a Christmas, part 1/2, Avengers/Iron Man, WIP, by scifigrl47


Happy New Year, everyone! Best wishes and good health to all.

2015 started out okay, with bright spots along the way (I visited San Francisco and Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon; I was called to the bar; I put down the downpayment on an apartment that is still being built but is at least a step towards home ownership) and some dark patches (good friend moving back to Japan; starting and then losing my job; family member had health problems) amid other bad stuff - the haze, terrorism, refugee issues.

I'd be tempted to think of 2015 as a washout year for me and yet, how can that be when so many other significant things happened? It's not something I can pigeonhole or dismiss: I can only build on the good that happened in 2015 and hope that 2016 is a better year.


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