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I've been spending my time re-watching Kill Me, Heal Me, a K-drama that has themes of mental illness, including disassociative identity disorder. It's K-drama-fied, of course, which means they start out with a relatively good premise and then romance comes in and some typical tropes happen, and the protagonist's troubles are speedily and neatly resolved. But I'm really here for Ji Sung, whom I last saw in All In, and whose acting skills are brilliant, especially in portraying all the different personalities. I love Perry Park! Don't like the female lead as much (she screams a lot) but I have to admit that she's kind of adorable at times. The overall plot is solid, which I really enjoyed. I've been watching it at Viki with subtitles in different languages, just for the hell of it.


I'm dismayed by the outcome as well, though I'm kind of surprised so many people are surprised. Whenever I read the news about Trump's supporters, it's always been about how pervasive they are, and how wide his appeal was/is, so... I was hoping for a freak result that would see a woman being elected as president of America. Didn't happen.

Take heart, America. You've always been resilient and inventive. It's definitely not the end of the world.


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