May. 21st, 2016

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[personal profile] uminohikari mentioned that there were Nirvana in Fire fics, and I went looking for them. It's a tiny tiny section of AO3, though I don't doubt there must be thousands of Chinese fics at Chinese websites. But at AO3:

[at the end| I still lose you] Mei Changsu/Xiao Jingyan, Langyabang, by incoherenttruth

the very first words of a lifelong love letter, Lin Shu/Xiao Jingyan, AU, WIP, by Alaceron, which is very adorable, with a plot that I'm on the verge of outgrowing: Read more... ) but still, pretty entertaining. WIP, though.

Am reminded of that link from [personal profile] yifu: why fangirling is better in your 30s, because by then you have seen trends come and go.


Nirvana in Fire, episode 43, when Consort Jing diagnoses Mei Changsu... the look on his face when he realises that in front of her, he's not the powerful leader of Jiangzuo or the enigmatic strategist that everyone is in awe of, but a junior, a child to be protected. He's her nephew Xiao Shu, once again the golden boy who is favoured and beloved by everyone. Even Consort Jing offers to do everything on his behalf, though MCS doesn't agree. He has everything planned and he wants to see the thing through himself. And he wheedles her into agreeing with him, "Aunt Jing, you'll agree to what I say, right?" In that instant, he is both Mei Changsu the strategist who has been plotting for ages and he's Xiao Shu who in his usual headstrong fashion, wants adults to indulge him. So many echoes of the past and present. Excellent scene.


issenllo: strawberry thief print from William Morris (Default)

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