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[personal profile] qem_chibati asked: Fannish history?

By which I refer to, for lack of better description, my adventure(s) in being a fan, closely associated with fandom... (wow, it got long)

The first part probably won't make sense unless you know about Hong Kong dramas and CLAMP and Gundam Wing )

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I've missed three days... Oops? At least there were no topics on those days.

Today, from [personal profile] tuulentupa: what's behind your journal title, "a bird made from a shell"?

There's a very straightforward answer: it's from a poem called "Joy" by Kathleen Peirce. (I misspelt that as "Pierce" for the longest time.) Here's a link to the poem, which I hope the f-list likes too.

It was posted, if I remember right, on the breath-poetry community on LJ. Just at the point when I was wondering whether to rename my DW journal the same as the LJ one, or not, and if not then what. I can't even remember the original name I gave my DW journal.

Anyway, if I had a better appreciation/understanding of poetry, I'd talk all about my favourite poems in this particular entry. But I don't really get poetry very well. Sometimes I feel a connection, and sometimes not, no matter how much other people enjoy it. For example, I've always loved Henry Reed's "Naming of Parts", even though it's a war poem and I do not enjoy war poems; and have hugely pft feelings towards "The Wasteland". It takes a while for poetry to sink in, for me.

I like "Joy" more for the images it conjured up. It felt like a fantasy story I wanted to write, so I thought that was appropriate for a fandom-focused/supposed-to-be writing blog. Maybe one day.
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I can't think of any topic, so have a fragment of an unfinished fic:

Title: fragment of In Whose Footsteps, In Whose Hands
Series: Hikaru no Go
Pairings: Akira/OC, hint of Hikaru/Akira
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go is the creation of Hotta and Obata
Summary: future fic

Read more... )
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I'm late with this, so I'll sneakily move the clock back by 20 mins.

Topic of the day: My favourite quote

It's more of a philosophy of life, though one that didn't start out as a philosophy of life. When I was a teen I came across many aphorisms that I thought would have been great as a favourite quote, something that always occurred to one in times of need for inspection, etc, etc. (Carpe Diem! was one, inspired of course, by the film.) But nothing struck me as really something I could really think about, until:

"I believe the only way a writer can keep himself up to the mark is by examining each story quite coldly before he starts writing it and asking himself if it is all right as a story. I mean, once you start saying to yourself 'This is a pretty weak plot as it stands, but I'm such a hell of a writer that my magic touch will make it all right,' I believe you are done."
-P.G. Wodehouse

In one of his interviews, if I recall right. (I copied it down in a notebook years ago.)

Of course, it looks like nothing but writing advice. Which I agree with and try to follow in my own writing, but as the years passed I felt that it was a good metaphor for living my life, a constant reminder to re-examine myself for what is shallow and insincere and to stop telling myself lies. I mean, there are just too many times when you start telling yourself, "I'm not doing the best I can but since I'm so charming/capable of flim-flam/faking it that I don't have to work at it anymore."

Complacency is really tempting, especially when you know you will still look good while being so. And then going on to think that this is totally ok. But it's also dishonest and it makes my stomach curl up to think of lying not only to other people but also to myself. I mean, it's one thing to have been self-delusion: at least you didn't know. But if you did know and you were telling yourself that that lacklustre thing was actually a shining pearl, well, that is just wrong.

It's hard advice to follow, because it's hard to be honest with myself. It's easy to gloss over my own shortcomings, to be resentful at others and reject what I know to be the truth, because that would put me in a bad light. But what choice is there?


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I realised belatedly that Winter Solstice in the west is 21 December, but for Chinese people it's 22 December. I'd always assumed they were the same. Well, well, well! East and west, forever twain.

Well, as no topic was suggested today, I'm forced to think of one.

Start at the beginning of... fandom-ish things?

How I started reading manga )

ETA: Feel free to suggest a topic for other days! Comment either at DW or at LJ, either is fine.


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