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Am reading: 《琅琊榜》 aka Langyabang by 海宴 Hai Yan. I've heard that there's more than one version of the novel around, but this version I'm reading is rather entertaining.

Have read Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho and it is marvellous. I'd read only a couple of her short stories before and while I liked them, I was a bit doubtful about a whole novel. But Kinokuniya had a discount, haha, so I bought it and it's one of the more enjoyable novels I've read in a while. not really spoilery, but ) So I'm totally gasping for the sequel. There's supposed to be a sequel, right?


The Case of the Engineer's Petard, Sherlock, casefic, by AJHall

The shadows feel like home, part of the series National Service, Susan Pevensie, Narnia, Dr Who, Good Omens, and next in the series, Too used to being listened to, Edmund Pevensie, Narnia, Good Omens, by burntcopper.
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Betwixt and Between, Mycroft, Sherlock, John, Sherlock, by ivywatcher

An Empty Station, Lestrade, John, Sherlock, Reichenbach, by ivywatcher

All destinations approximate, general, humour, time-travel, Avengers, by jonesandashes, pollyrepeat


Am still reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, as I have been for the last few weeks. It's not bad, definitely has a whiff of Judith Merkle Riley that I appreciate (except JMR wrote from the POV of female characters which I have an absolute soft spot for) and that I am sort of cognizant that Mantel is relating the events leading to a super-important part of Britain's history. And it's entertaining. But I definitely have to take it in small doses because present tense narratives - grrr. Do not like.

Picked up this book (haven't started it) John Saturnall's Feast by a (as one might guess) man called Lawrence Norfolk. Apparently A.S. Byatt said it's "Brilliant" on the cover, which reminds me that I really ought to take such recs with a liberal pinch of salt.

Apparently (from the blurb) the protagonist's mother once told her son of an ancient Feast, etc, and in the book the protagonist will one day serve such a feast. I was seduced by the idea of a man carrying out his mother's legacy and serving loads of lovely food. It was a moment of weakness.

I'm getting more and more leery as I browse through the book. Here's the third to fifth paragraphs from the first page: Read more... )
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Recs first:

Experiments in Baby-Sitting, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by [ profile] earlgreytea68

mischiefmanaged!verse, post-epilogue, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, the kids, Harry Potter, by irnan. Adore this a lot. Have nearly forgotten how lovely it is read in the heartwarming corner of HP fics.

I enjoyed every single fic recced in [ profile] sorrel_forbes's Deducing!John fics, Sherlock.


The random: warning for overuse of ellipses )
the catty )
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Yuletide fics. Haven't read many so far; these were recced by f-list:

I'll Break My Staff, I'll Drown My Book, Jacko, The Changeover, by kittydesade

The Age of Not-Believing, Chihiro, Spirited Away, by Mithrigil. Enjoyed this a lot.

The Emissary, Spirited Away, by Beth Winter

Fated, or, Two Weddings and a House Warming, interludes from Heyer's Friday's Child, by Temaris

The Very Secret Diaries of Saint Augustine, by tryfanstone. Which is hilarious.

Jingu All the Way, Journey to the West, by Shpilkus

Ice Dwarves and Other Celestial Bodies, Pluto/Charon, the solar system, by fresne. Only at Yuletide.


Currently reading a very grim book, Tombstone by Yang Jisheng, about the great famine in China during its Great Leap Forward from 1958 to 1961.

Less grim reading from Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies, about forgotten kingdoms, duchies, etc from Europe.
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1) I got a smartphone! A Samsung galaxy ace that looks like an iPhone 3, which means it's a boorrrring white (and the black is even worse). But it has been amusing to play with it (and also to discover my fingers are apparently too big for texting quickly).

2) Hast been reading books that were unearthed from depths of bookshelf. Here's the beginning of one:

Memory makes desires of its own. Deep in the candle hours it casts Hong Kong up like a shimmering sea of color against flames made of ache, fright, wonderment. Above all, it remembers her, when it ought to be getting on with life and other things. But it's no use trying to stop memory, and I've given up.

~Jadewoman, by Jonathan Gash.

Re-reading this makes me remember that the Lovejoy books aren't just misadventures, murder and general chicanery (but also - antiques).


Love's a Universe Beyond Obey, Neal/Mozzie, White Collar, by [ profile] hoosierbitch

The Case of the Unexpected Guest, Sherlock, casefic, by [ profile] thirdbird_fic
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Stolen off... well, I saw [profile] sanlith do it. Which I feel is appropriate for a post where I intend to do bookblogging.

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies/books you've seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Read more... )


The bookblogging, which I've not done for weeks.

The Rape of Nanking )

The Full Cupboard of Life )

The Sharing Knife: Horizon )

Going to watch Slumdog Millionaire, dvd borrowed from my sister's friend of a friend--according to her, the dvd's already made a round of her friends and will be going a second round for those who want rewatches, so I want to watch it by today.

And um. I have Blind Go fic to work on.
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie parody, by [ profile] sarahtales

Sex scandal behind Brideshead Revisited. I want to read that book (Mad World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead, by Paula Byrne).

The 10 Best Lady Detectives, says, Times



Dice, in a Game of War, chapter 1, chapter 2, WIP, detective/fantasy AU, Hikago, by [ profile] readerofasaph

Recced by [ profile] assyrian: Three's a crowd, one's a clown, Ko Yeongha, An Taeson, Hikago, by [personal profile] lindra
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Blind Go Reveal!

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Entertainment Business Practices and Talent Management (Takarada Lory), Ouran/Skip Beat, by [ profile] peroxide_fic


Was reading this about Aung San Suu Kyi, and I'm not sorry for the overgeneralisation, but: DAMN YOU MEDDLING AMERICANS.

Zhao Ziyang's posthumous memoirs. I want this book. But can't buy from Amazon. Tho' I might get the Chinese version instead... but I hate reading horizontal Chinese script. (But wait, if the Chinese version is published in Hong Kong, and Kong Kong books do vertical...hmmmm) More info on the book

ETA: Thomas Becket paintings unveiled in Spain

ETA 2: Literary agent Nathan Bransford interviews S.E. Hinton. Seriously cool. And I did not know she wrote The Outsiders at the age of 16. *pure admiration*
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Nearly forgot: International Flight Akira, Hikaru, others, Hikago, and Separation Anxiety, Tezuka, Yukimura, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] thephoenixboy


Geocities is closing down by this year. Well! On one hand I'd say it doesn't affect me much*, but on the other hand I feel a bit amazed that it's hung on for so long.

*Actually, I have a website there with my fics on it. Not sure what to do with them.(All my fics are already on LJ.) Post them on Dreamwidth as well? Wordpress? Ignore?


Finally after the usual process of procrastination, pre-ordered [ profile] sarahtales's new book The Demon's Lexicon (and not at Amazon).

*wince* I've never really realised how much I recoil from book covers that contain an overwhelming representation of a human face. Don't much like photographs of a person's face on a book cover either. A three-quarter or full portrait, doable. But a big shiny face that sort of demands that I look at it (complete with shiny jewellery) - I don't like.

Ah well, it's not like I bought it for the cover.


Re-watching episodes of Prince of Tennis (up to games with Hyotei)

Random thoughts )


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