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Safeguard, Harry Potter/Avengers crossover, WIP, by esama. This WIP is spectacular.

Wings of Winter, Frozen/The Wild Swans crossover, by Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD)

aunts aren't gentlemen, Tony Stark, Jarvis, Iron Man, by screamlet
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Ah, memes.

Pick up the book nearest to you and turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life.

(Is it okay if it's a book that I printed and bound myself? I did not, however, write it.)

(7) Subject to section 29, a limited company shall have either "Limited" or "Berhad" as part of and at the end of its name.*

I've got nothin'.

*Singapore Companies Act (Chapter 50) 2006 Revised Edition


Fairytale and Clockwork Hearts, (Tales of the Bots series), probably wouldn't make sense to people who haven't read the other fics in the series), WIP, Dummy, Steve/Tony, Avengers, by scifigrl47

[ profile] ursulav launches Toad Words, her collection of fairytale re-tellings, in e-book fashion, under the name T. Kingfisher. (Hm, why did I keep typing Toad Woads?) I've read all but the new story before, of course, but it's nice to have them in one place instead of hunting them down, though it did take USD3.99 (or whatever is your local currency equivalent). Price's within the acceptable range for me. The new story, Boar & Apples, is an interesting take on the tale, but the plot was not as unexpected as I was hoping for (though the boar who is also an architect is awesome). Felt a little depressing here and there; I'm happier with the other tales.

Speaking of fairytales: Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad!, Harry, Ron and Hermione, WIP, Harry Potter by Meltha


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