Jan. 2nd, 2012 02:28 am
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Already the second day of the new year. Well, well, well. Happy New Year!

Got a couple of late Christmas cards in the mail, which ironically jolted me from my recent bout of moodiness. One was from an old professor who had a heart attack in the middle of last year, had surgery, therapy, more surgery, and thankfully has recovered well enough to go back to work this year. The other was a friend from Fukushima who said they're recovering and all is fine, only that her child can't play outside and they can't grow vegetables because of radiation.

Sometimes I'm incredibly stupid and self-centered. Here I am, moping about myself when I should be facing the world with spirit, as others are doing. I will do better. Not a new year resolution, but a promise to myself: For 2012 (and after), I will do what I enjoy, and enjoy what I do. Otherwise I'm just letting myself down.

Best wishes for 2012, everyone! Be of good spirit, treat others kindly, and keep hanging in there no matter how tough things get (things'll either get better or you'll develop the muscle to deal). <3


Ah, Yuletide reveals are up.

serenissima (killalla) wrote Like Water, a Spirited Away fic for me. Thank you very much for such a lovely surprise!

I wrote Estuary Words, The Changeover. Wherein Sorry is a Wild Life Officer, and also apparently a radio station for the women in his life.

My fic was written for hazel, and by a coincidence I found via a rec list hazel's Yuletide fic, Of Woodshops and Ducks, Frederica by Heyer. It has Felix, so that makes it cool. ^__^

Other Yuletide fics:

Scymnus Diaboli, These Old Shades, The Devil's Cub, by Ione

A Great Storm in the Sjy, the Sun in the North, Taiki, 12 Kingdoms, by daphnerunning.

Snow in Spring, Ranjou/Shouryuu, 12 Kingdoms, by Jougetsu

A Clear Glass Window, at Sea Dawn, Chalion saga, by Lyonpyh
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Jeeves at the Chalet School, crossover, by Kate (euphrosyna)

The Ying Tong Song, Chalet School/Professionals crossover, by hgdoghouse

No Big Deal, Eduardo/Mark, by fairy_tale_echo

White Knights, Ivan Vorpatril, AU, Vorkosigan series, by Elvaron

By the World Forgot, backstory of Kamaji, Spirited Away, by [anon] Erin_C, for Yuletide 2011

Domestic Affairs, Ekaterin, Vorkosigan, by [anon] resolute, for Yuletide 2011

ETA: Imperial Bedrooms, Gregor/Laisa, Vorkosigan, by hedda62

Plus epilogue of [livejournal.com profile] madlorific's Performance in a Leading Role, Sherlock AU.
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Two fics, Keeping Warm, and Lover's Quarrel, and another two, Maiden's Tears, and Household God, Chihiro/Haku, Spirited Away, by [personal profile] canis_m.


I just got a new computer! Well, I got it a few days now, but I've been too busy with RL to even go on the computer, never mind setting it up and stuff. Will post more Hikago comment fic later tonight. Late.

Passed my grade 3 guzheng exam! My score was 72, which actually just counts as a pass, not even a 'merit' or 'good' or anything like that, but I hadn't worked hard enough--not practised enough, so yeah. Also my musical ability is rather humdrum. Anyway, another year, another target.

Taking a personal day because I had to clear a couple days of leave, and suddenly errands are popping up. Christmas cards, bank, library books, groceries... hey, maybe I'll buy chocolate chips to make cookies with...

I've been posting a lot more RL than I ever did before... I'll try to keep them short.


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