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Yuletide 2016

Dear Author

Thank you for offering to write a fic for one of my chosen fandoms! I'm very grateful, and I hope you have fun writing it.

The only types of fics that I do not feel comfortable reading are those that contain way too explicit sex or violence or violence for the sake of violence. However, it really depends on what the narrative/characters warrant so I don't really want to put in a blanket no-no.

These are just some of my thoughts about what I'd love to read, but please don't think of them as any sort of restrictions.

Nirvana in Fire

I love this series so much. There's actually a lot of Lin Shu/Jingyan speculation so I wouldn't mind if there's some of that but one of the things I really would love to see is Lin Shu interacting with people like Lady (Concubine?) Jing and Xia Dong, people that he is not romantically involved with but nevertheless are very important to him. Especially Xia Dong. She's supposed to be like a sister-in-law to him since he's so close to Nie Feng. I wonder what it would be like when she confronts him (whilst Nie Feng is getting treatment) for keeping his identity a secret all this while. Does she clasp him to her bosom and sob or (more likely) does she give him a shelling?

ETA: Or a long-ago scene of Lin Shu as a very, very young general-in-training, hanging around Nie Feng's residence and hiding his mini-crush on Xia Dong, hehehe. (Look, she's pretty and she knows martial arts and she's a secret ninja and she's cool and she's married to Big Bro Nie Feng - a young pre-teen is going to be all over that.)

Other than that, maybe some scenes from Lin Shu's childhood, especially with Lady Jing, would be greatly welcome too. Like when she doses him with some yucky tasting meds - all for his own good, of course.

Sorcerer to the Crown

Since we're not getting the sequel yet, fanfic is the way to go! Just kidding. I really do want to read more about Prunella and her adventures in being the most powerful sorceress in England, or maybe a bit of domesticity between her and Zacharius.

The Changeover

Oldie but goodie? It's still one of the best teenager (I don't really like using the term YA) supernatural romances I know of. The fandom for this is small, so basically anything is fine, even crossovers with other fandoms. Like wizarding schools. ^_^

Thank you again, I hope you enjoy the process of writing!