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...The world's a fandom to me...

I'm issen4 on LJ, and I'm taking a look around DW to see what it's like.

This is a journal used to record links of fics read, and occasionally to rec fics. Do take note that my appreciation of fic is fairly elastic, depending on mood, fandom and type. Some days I read fics that I would never touch otherwise. You won't know which these are.

Quick note: the fics I list may be adult-ish in subject nature. I will raise a flag (not literally) if I need to, but please read the author's warnings.

I've recced a lot of Hikaru no Go (aka Hikago, aka HnG) fics, until a couple of years back, when it's been mostly Sherlock (BBC) fics, and then it became Avengers fics. Then lately it's been Skyfall fics. Frankly, I just rec what I've enjoyed, whatever the fandom. Just so you're forewarned.

I occasionally post fic, usually Hikago fics. I'm toying with the idea of either posting original fic here or getting another DW account for it... nah, too troublesome to keep track. A few of my fics are at AO3 under issen4. I have an LJ account and I usually cross-post.

RL: I don't actually talk about my life much. This journal was begun for fanfiction and fandom reasons, and I don't want to clutter it with personal stuff.

But if there is anything RL, it'd probably be at my RL account; my preference is to keep fandom and RL separate.


Luce, sometimes aka Issen
(issen.llo @

This journal's titles and subtitle are from "Joy" by Kathleen Peirce.

/09 March 2013
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