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I thought it might happen that way. (Also, I had the impression that most polls were around 50:50.) Even though I hoped not - but I've sort of given up on expecting people not to make decisions out of anger, fear and spite.


The Rules Saga, Atobe/Ryoma, WIP, Prince of Tennis, by psiten. It might be WIP with what is likely a long wait for updates (if ever) but this is, hands down, one of the nicest PoT fics for this pairing that I've read.

The Reaper and the Flowers, Seishirou, Tokyo Babylon/1999, by 定 (Hikarinimichitasora)
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Yuletide reveals:

Much thanks to psiten, who wrote Midnight Song, Seishiro/Subaru, Tokyo Babylon/X. It's a lovely fic and I'm delighted!

Mentioned below, but worth mentioning again: Magnet and Steel, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, which was by [personal profile] tielan. I love your TCP fics, and thank you again. ^____^

I wrote A Gentleman's Venture, a Sorcerer to the Crown fic, which started off okay, but I didn't give a longer follow-up, for which I feel apologetic. I definitely need more of the universe before I can write more.


Once Upon a Christmas, part 1/2, Avengers/Iron Man, WIP, by scifigrl47


Happy New Year, everyone! Best wishes and good health to all. Year in brief )


Dec. 26th, 2015 10:38 am
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Inconvenience, OT3, The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer (ETA) by [personal profile] astolat

Is this Guy for Real?, Seishiro/Subaru, Tokyo Babylon, by psiten

And much thanks to whoever it was wrote this Tokyo Crazy Paradise fic for me: Magnet and Steel.
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This, You Protect, Bucky, Avengers, by owlet. Humour. And coffee. This is the only fic I've read so far that's made me think of Bucky as an actual character and not the last 10 minutes of The Winter Soldier. Plus, lots of hilarity.

And also the author's Miracle on Park Avenue, Bucky, Avengers. Not a sequel but feels like it.

Pride Goeth, AU, Tony Stark as teenage dad, Rhodey, by Unadulterated

Nukume Dori - Convergence, last chapter posted, Subaru/Seishirou, Tokyo Babylon/1999, by Leareth. Would not be comprehensible unless you've read the first two parts of this series, which is WIP and not yet completed in entirety but currently ends at an interesting section.


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