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Happy new year, everyone. Good health and good tiddings to all.

It's been a strange 2016, with somewhat unbelieveable developments in politics and with rather more celebrity deaths than expected. We'll need all our strength for 2017, since the trend will probably continue.

The first newspaper article I read in the new year described December, not April, as the cruellest month, but frighteningly and bewilderingly alluded to Chaucer, which was... new. (Well, it is the new year.)

Also, schadenfreude all the way.

(Also, who does that? Doesn't it take about 2 seconds to google-check? WTF.)


For Yuletide, I wrote Roosting Winds, Nirvana in Fire, for Naphyla. It's mostly hints and a couple of scene settings, because I couldn't really find a way of writing about a Jingyan-Mei Changsu reunion without it being OCC-ly gushy and melodramatic.

I did read quite a few Vorkosigan fics:

The Huntsman's Reel, Alys Vorpatil, Simon Illyan, by Philomytha

Odd Men Out, Mark, Dono by keerawa

Peace and Quiet, Ivan, Gregor, by alessandriana

Troublesome to Others, but a Torment to Themselves, Mark, Miles, Kareen by ozymandias314


Also my brain has been consumed by k-dramas these past two weeks. Whoa.
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Have been watching K-drama Love in the Moonlight aka Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (hilarious teaser here), which is more of a period idol drama wherein woman in disguise as man turns up in the palace as an enunch falls in love with meet-cute crown prince. There's some typical palace plotting, together with some expected she's-daughter-of-a-rebel! drama coming up. Which actually reminded me of Dong Yi. I'm really very curious about how it will end because the setting is based on actual history and the said crown prince in history... well. Died young.


Extracurricular Activities, Mei Changsu/Xiao Jingyan, modern-day AU, Nirvana in Fire, by Alaceron


On the personal front, work and job woes )
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1) I got my Yuletide assignment! It's oddly specific, which is a bit worrying as my first instinct is a "don't wanna" - right now it feels a lot like writing to spec. But will think on it.

2) I had a belated epiphany in which I realised that 'Pillar of Tennis' (as in Prince of Tennis) is a reference to the Chinese concept of 挑大梁 (tiǎo dà liáng, i.e. to play a leading role, or to bear a heavy responsibility) which probably transformed into the equivalent/similar Japanese cultural concept (挑 means to carry; 大梁 means the big/main pillar). And which is again hilarious because PoT is exactly like theatre, so when Tezuka exhorted Echizen to become the pillar of Seigaku, he's also hoping that Echizen becomes the main performer. Exactly right, then.

3) Discovered some deleted scenes of Nirvana in Fire: part 1 and part 2

4) And always, a reminder why I like Yujin so much: where Lord Marquis Yan agrees to help Mei Changsu

5) Apparently my Patronus is a Marsh Harrier.
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With Splendour Fading, Lin Chen/Mei Changsu, Nirvana in Fire, by jusrecht

Ensnared, Su Zhe/Xiao Jingyan, AU, WIP, Nirvana in Fire, by Sychronergy

Let the Years Sculpture Our Love, AU, Yong Qi/Xiao Yan Zi, AU, 還珠格格 aka Huang Zhu Ge Ge aka My Fair Princess, by huanzhuyulu (RuanChunXian)

(I don't know why I was surprised to find 還珠格格 fic, but I was.)
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[personal profile] uminohikari mentioned that there were Nirvana in Fire fics, and I went looking for them. It's a tiny tiny section of AO3, though I don't doubt there must be thousands of Chinese fics at Chinese websites. But at AO3:

[at the end| I still lose you] Mei Changsu/Xiao Jingyan, Langyabang, by incoherenttruth

the very first words of a lifelong love letter, Lin Shu/Xiao Jingyan, AU, WIP, by Alaceron, which is very adorable, with a plot that I'm on the verge of outgrowing: Read more... ) but still, pretty entertaining. WIP, though.

Am reminded of that link from [personal profile] yifu: why fangirling is better in your 30s, because by then you have seen trends come and go.


Nirvana in Fire, episode 43, when Consort Jing diagnoses Mei Changsu... the look on his face when he realises that in front of her, he's not the powerful leader of Jiangzuo or the enigmatic strategist that everyone is in awe of, but a junior, a child to be protected. He's her nephew Xiao Shu, once again the golden boy who is favoured and beloved by everyone. Even Consort Jing offers to do everything on his behalf, though MCS doesn't agree. He has everything planned and he wants to see the thing through himself. And he wheedles her into agreeing with him, "Aunt Jing, you'll agree to what I say, right?" In that instant, he is both Mei Changsu the strategist who has been plotting for ages and he's Xiao Shu who in his usual headstrong fashion, wants adults to indulge him. So many echoes of the past and present. Excellent scene.
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Re Nirvana in Fire, I can do no better than colorblue's pimp post, so enjoy

If anyone is interested in the novels, there's an online version right here. Amazon is selling it, in case anyone has cash to spend. Yingtao's blog made an attempt at translating it into English over here, but I'm not sure how complete it is. Ditto this other blog


36 Things I think about when I think about Nirvana in Fire

spoilers galore: names are in pinyin; not in chronological order )
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Empty Graves, Martha, Superman, by Unpretty

Permit A38, support staff of SHIELD, Avengers, by old_chatterhand


[personal profile] colorblue found Nirvana in Fire and I gushed about it at her post here. So much fun. I remember in one of the earlier episodes, one of the characters (Mengzhi) said to Mei Changsu, "You must have been through a lot (of suffering) to the extent that it changed the way you look now, to this." He meant it in a regretful way, and my id response was: "Wha.... he looks like Hu Ge now. There is no bad!"


Blind_Go id received for latest round. Now to write Hikago fic...
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Tulli's Heian series, set in the Heian period, with the first part about Sai (and Hikaru) and the second about Hikaru seeking justice for Sai. Lovely long fic.


Stumbled on what looks like a trailer for Japanese subbed version of 琅琊榜. I love how the voiceover makes everything automatically 20x more dramatic.

Also this sweet fanvid of 琅琊榜". Looks pretty, hehe.
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On the RL front, general fucked-up-ness in being retrenched last month, a time which is generally an awfuler time to be jobless than most other times (not that it's ever good), as organisations don't tend to hire in November/December and many of one's obligations - especially those that require money - are called in. Not best pleased with ex-boss.

Upsides, such as they are: Time to: write; recover from this stupid cold; stash-busting by starting a sweater; visiting newly opened art gallery in town. Just finished a temping stint for a non-profit, stuffing envelopes. Job-hunting too, though I don't expect much in the way of results - but best to get into the habit.


Nonetheless, occasionally (and comfortingly) one does find instances that the universe is not as fucked-up as one assumed: Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp


Finished reading 瑯琊榜 Nirvana in Fire, novel version. It hews very closely to the TV series, so it was like watching the series again. Discovered today to my amusement that an old friend has watched it three times, before I could pimp it. Heheh. For amusement's sake: Nirvana in Fire now re-cast as the Count of Monte Cristo.


The Judgement of Bucky Barnes, Avengers, Captain America, by copperbadge

Third Wheel Spinning, omega-verse, Tony, Avengers, by harcourt, thus proving that fanficrants sometimes provide good recs.

The Pretender and the Prince, AU, Tony/Bucky, Avengers, Captain America, by copperbadge
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Still reading 瑯琊榜 Nirvana in Fire, chapter 121 of 149. I'd say that reading this novel is improving my Chinese, but unfortunately a lot of it is classical Chinese or archaic words (or both) that don't see much use in modern times. Kind of fun, though, if you are interested in the language.

And between the more serious chapters I turn to clips of the series for entertainment (beware spoilers), like this one of Xiao Jingyan watching Mei Changsu aka Lin Shu pull his sword (oh dear, that sounds so naughty). I love that moment when Mei Changsu is inwardly going "ohshit ohshit I just gave myself away wtf I'll just pretend nothing's happened".

Or where Xiao Jingyan gives Mei Changsu aka Lin Shu a present (wtf, it still sounds naughty)- and also, that moment when you'd expect Mei Changsu to gasp and say, "I do!"

And I've rewatched this like five times: where Fei Liu splashes Lin Chen with water while Mei Changsu watches - a rare instance of a cheerful and genuinely amused Mei Changsu.
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Reading the 《琅琊榜》 novel on kindle, which is great, by the way - also for the fact that on my kindle, I can look up any word I don't know. Because my command of Chinese, especially for classical phrases, is charitably described as juvenile. Chinese is hard. :-p

spoilers for novel? )


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