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YO, K2tog (it's like a code), Arthur/Eames, knitting, Inception, by lazulisong

Early Reunion, AU, Valka, Stoick, How to Train Your Dragon, by Raberba girl (Raberba_girl)

Through The Spines Unfurling (Five Things You Should Know About Cacti), Lee/Gaara, Naruto, by mstigergun. This is a fic of beauty.


Have been watching the 2014 Romance of the Condor Heroes. 神鵰俠侶 is one of my favourite novels out of Jin Yong wuxia novels (I also adore 鹿鼎記 and 倚天屠龍記), and I have a soft spot for the televised versions, however ridiculously the condor is portrayed. When I first read the novel and came across the description of the giant condor, I assumed it was fake as I could not conceive of a bird that huge. Then I read more about birds and realised sure, they could be really big and perhaps Jin Yong just wrote about a slightly mutated version (you see where my X-men knowledge kicked in). (The novel describes a "man-sized" bird.)

The limits of special effects meant that early televised versions did have a man-sized condor, sort of like Big Bird that flapped fake-looking wings and did most of its flying off-camera, or in the distance. One took it on faith: this is TV, you are reminded while moping your heart out for the doomed romance of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu. Then the 2006 China-made version featured a condor that Yang Guo could ride on could beat off dozens of men with its wings (my error - thanks for pointing that out, sabriel!). The 2014 version has one that humans could stand on, as though the bird was one of the Monkey King's magical clouds. That wingspan does not, even to my amateur eyes, look anything wide enough, and I'm vaguely dissatisfied that from being Yang Guo's friend, the Giant Condor has become something of a transportation device. Even if they needed to get to Xiangyang quickly. Seriously, they have qinggong, use it!
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Galatea, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Harry Potter, by [ profile] fading_echoes

Part 2/2,Documenting Acceptable Levels of Insanity, Saki-verse (see here), Naruto/Sasuke, ignores much of second arc, Naruto, by [ profile] aishuu
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Documenting Acceptable Levels of Insanity, Saki-verse (see here), Naruto/Sasuke, ignores much of second arc, Naruto, by [ profile] aishuu

Non-fic, but [ profile] hkfoot has posted character notes of some Hikago characters taken from the new issue of Hikago manga. It's excellently cool.


After Ai mentioned that she was reading Heyer, I was reminded that I hadn't read Heyer in a while myself, so I picked up one of my favourites, The Foundling )

Also, when I returned The Foundling to my shelf I belatedly realised that I bought a book of deng mi (lantern riddles) months ago, and it's a scream. Now, most of the time deng mi revolve around seemingly innocent phrases that the guesser is supposed to solve with a (usually) punny Chinese idiom or common expression, such as:

唐僧西行何所求 (Reason Tripaka went to the west)--> Read more... )

Sounds all right. But what about riddles that are just:

: (yes, just the colon)

answers )

Fun, yes?
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It's not really a rec... but a couple of years ago I read a Naruto fic called Spying no Jutsu by Daniel Gudman, which takes place before the timeskip and has Naruto disguising himself as a girl so he can be a spy, and even considering what little I know of Naruto after the timeskip, plenty has been jossed in the curent fic. Still, when I first read the first three chapters, it was enjoyable and though the writing quality has become very weird, it is now completed. So... in case anyone was following it.


I was a bit chagrined when I picked up 邊成浪子 last week and realised I was reading it really slowly--my Chinese comprehension clearly diminishes from disuse--but it was heartening to find that by the third and last volume, I had gone up to a volume within four hours. Which is not bad. Gu Long's novels are pretty easy to read; short sentences, brief descriptions and most of the narrative comprises of talking heads. Talking heads have adventures, indeed! )


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