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On the RL front, general fucked-up-ness in being retrenched last month, a time which is generally an awfuler time to be jobless than most other times (not that it's ever good), as organisations don't tend to hire in November/December and many of one's obligations - especially those that require money - are called in. Not best pleased with ex-boss.

Upsides, such as they are: Time to: write; recover from this stupid cold; stash-busting by starting a sweater; visiting newly opened art gallery in town. Just finished a temping stint for a non-profit, stuffing envelopes. Job-hunting too, though I don't expect much in the way of results - but best to get into the habit.


Nonetheless, occasionally (and comfortingly) one does find instances that the universe is not as fucked-up as one assumed: Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp


Finished reading 瑯琊榜 Nirvana in Fire, novel version. It hews very closely to the TV series, so it was like watching the series again. Discovered today to my amusement that an old friend has watched it three times, before I could pimp it. Heheh. For amusement's sake: Nirvana in Fire now re-cast as the Count of Monte Cristo.


The Judgement of Bucky Barnes, Avengers, Captain America, by copperbadge

Third Wheel Spinning, omega-verse, Tony, Avengers, by harcourt, thus proving that fanficrants sometimes provide good recs.

The Pretender and the Prince, AU, Tony/Bucky, Avengers, Captain America, by copperbadge
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Machine Learning, Hikaru, Akira, Hikago, by karanguni, written for Not Prime Time challenge

Blue-Eyed Monster, James Bond/Q, WIP, Skyfall, by Only_1_Truth.


How to view side-by-side apps in Windows 8.1. Hidden Manual indeed. Well, I knew it could be done, but it wasn't a compelling factor to find out how, until recently. Useful to know.

After I got my Surface last year, I used it more in the nature of a toy - after all, it had very few apps that made tablets fun - and for playing video clips, especially after my laptop became wonkier (something with the video card). Began to rely on it more when I did my training stint, and now carry it everywhere (well. It is a bit weighty.) just because there're so many documents on it now. I guess it's quite functional, though I've heard that many people who got the Surface have given it up in frustration because reasons. *shrugs* I'm ok with it, would be happy to get the next version. Now if only it will connect to my printer.

That thing where you wish fanfic-land were like life

I wish, like fanon Sherlock, that life is not a series of situations where I have to keep repeating myself. (Does that happen in canon? I only remember loads of fics were Sherlock supposedly hates repeating himself to mere mortals.) I also get annoyed when other people repeat themselves, especially when I have to sit there and not point this out.

(My annoyance scale runs concurrently with my 'bored-now!' scale, which are both trigger sensitive.)

I'm trying to counsel a friend and I've been repeating myself because friend is troubled. And in trouble. But stubborn. I don't like repeating myself... *whines*
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A Kid Like That, Shindou Hikaru, Hikaru no Go, by Amber_and_Ash

Tempus Fugit, Avengers, WIP, Serendipity_Cometh


Personal updates:

1) I finished the mandatory training period last week and (other than catching up on sleep and desk-clearing) I'm a bit at loose ends. At some point I should really go back and hit the books in preparation for the course leading up to the bar exams, which starts in (the course, that is), oh, two more weeks - but right now I'm enjoying the break and pretending I know nothing about law, lalalah, what's that?

2) The graduation ceremony is coming up, too. I'm going, though part of me goes, eh, my excitement about that came and went last year.

3) I would catch up on the World Cup too, 'cept for the unfriendly time zone thing - am not inclined to wake up at 3am for games, though I might do it for the final.

4) Also there's something poignant about the fact that at the last World Cup, when I had the leisure to watch games, law school wasn't even a gleam in my eye.

5) I would totally watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 again. In 3D. If only Transformers 4 hadn't taken over every single screen in the theatres in town. Damn it.

6) I've forgotten how to write fic.

7) There's still knitting.
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Newest update, chapter 23 to The Best and the Brightest, Sherlock, AU, by wordstrings, which is spectacular enough to set the screen alight with its genius.

Let Parker be Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man/West Wing/Avengers, by lonelywalker

Bondlock: Mycroft's Son, Skyfall, Sherlock, by IBegToDreamAndDiffer


Sober things:

I tried posting about this a few days after the funeral, but couldn't make myself set the post to 'public'. family stuff )


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