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Has been more than a month since I updated. Well. Since then, in reverse chronological order, I:

1. realised that I'd have to write a fic to qualify for Yuletide because I messed up on the last one.

2. finally got reading glasses, and I'm still amazed. I had not realised how much reading/writing/knitting I was giving up because my eyes got tired of focusing on small print, so I watched dramas instead. The optometrist I consulted previously had insisted that since my presbiopia wasn't serious, I didn't need any prescription glasses. Everyone around suggested that I didn't need it, either, as though squinting over the tops of my usual glasses was just a minor inconvenience. (It really wasn't). The optometrist this time round suggested it as a way to get me to buy into their sale promotion (or so it felt like to me). Result: I really should have done this earlier.

3. bought a fountain pen. Then another. And another. Then I had sit on myself and stop. But not before having bought four bottles of ink.

4. visited Phuket. Shocking, I know. It's such a popular holiday spot and so quick to get to from where I am, it's weird that I'd never been. It's... nice? Touristy? Not really at the top of my travel list, though.


and i’m here (just like i used to be), Deok Hwa, Goblin, by aintitnifty

The Big Slump, Hikago, Ochi by flonnebonne
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Part of my local newspaper's Q&A on Zika:

Q: What can a pregnant woman do if she has Zika?

A: Her doctor will monitor the development of the baby. If it is confirmed to have a major defect, and it is within 24 weeks of conception, abortion is a choice.

That. Is. Well, they said what most people would be thinking, even if it was for a brief moment.


Dragons and Other Metaphors, Akira, Hikaru, Hikago, by esama

Fallen Stars, Hikaru, Sai, Hikago, by esama


That LJ?DW? meme I've been seeing )

Hikago rec

May. 23rd, 2016 10:16 pm
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Caught in a Thousand Strings, Hikago, AU, WIP, by Thai_Tea_Addict. I'm over the moon at finding good, long fics, especially when it's Hikago. It's WIP, but at over 200,000 words, there's enough for a satisfying read, with the anticipation of more to come. Please heed the warnings for child prostitution. It's a definite AU but the characters are strongly drawn, and as distinctive as in canon. I was struck by how likeable Ogata is - in canon I didn't care for him much, but here he's somehow more compelling. Sai is impressive, and Hikaru... oh, Hikaru.

If the name DJ Stark-Rogers is at all familiar to you, then The DJ Shorts, WIP, AU, Avengers/Iron Man, by scifigrl47
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Blind Go, round 18: the fics are here.

Not many fics this round. A far cry from previous rounds, which is a bit sad. But that's the nature of fandom, I suppose.



1. Someone commented the other day, when I said I was going to write for BG, that I ought to write more than just Hikago fic. Yeah, it's something to keep in mind, though I have written for a few (very few) other fandoms. My fic output has fallen drastically since the fervency of those Hikago days, but I doubt if I'll ever stop writing: there are still times when I simply feel the urge to write, and then I scribble some. I suppose it's rather lazy, waiting for inspiration rather than working at it, but I never pretended to be anything more than a hobbyist writer. ^__^

2. At the risk of sounding self-serving, I've decided that I ought to post my recent Hikago fics on AO3, as a matter of online record if nothing else. While writing for BG, I looked at my Hikago writing file and was a bit taken aback at how... unedited it was. My habit was/is to write, post (without even a beta) and then amend typos and phrasings as I went, working entirely on [edit post] versions. So my harddrive only has drafts and not the final versions... Yeah.

3. So, it's Hikago Day. I remember that I was starting to go off manga/anime at about the time I came across Hikago, but then I came across this scene: Read more... )

Happy Hikago Day, everyone!
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Empty Graves, Martha, Superman, by Unpretty

Permit A38, support staff of SHIELD, Avengers, by old_chatterhand


[personal profile] colorblue found Nirvana in Fire and I gushed about it at her post here. So much fun. I remember in one of the earlier episodes, one of the characters (Mengzhi) said to Mei Changsu, "You must have been through a lot (of suffering) to the extent that it changed the way you look now, to this." He meant it in a regretful way, and my id response was: "Wha.... he looks like Hu Ge now. There is no bad!"


Blind_Go id received for latest round. Now to write Hikago fic...
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Tulli's Heian series, set in the Heian period, with the first part about Sai (and Hikaru) and the second about Hikaru seeking justice for Sai. Lovely long fic.


Stumbled on what looks like a trailer for Japanese subbed version of 琅琊榜. I love how the voiceover makes everything automatically 20x more dramatic.

Also this sweet fanvid of 琅琊榜". Looks pretty, hehe.


Mar. 25th, 2016 09:01 pm
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A list:

1) Is it just me or has March been a really long month (and is still not over)? I've been to the wake of a friend's mum, to prison (work-related), to court (both subordinate and high, also work-related), transferred to a different mail system, witnessed an eclipse (sorta), wrote fic, missed a tutoring session out sheer exhaustion, reacted (or not reacted) to news reports on terrorism and disasters, and replaced all the furniture in my room (I did not know I owned that many books). Not to mention AlphaGo v Lee Se-dol.

2) Speaking of Lee Se-dol (or as some websites have it, Lee Sedol), AlphaGo won the game by defying basic human instinct. That post is useful for people like me, whose strategic gaming skill only extends to tic-tac-toe. Kinda fun fodder for fic too, methinks.

3) Read The Bone Swans of Amandale, by C.S.E. Cooney, which was recced on Asking the Wrong Questions, mainly because the book cover reminded me of the last scene in Bridge of Birds. It is actually a re-telling of Pied Piper, and a rather good one. Enjoyed the narrator Maurice, fascinated by the Nicolas the piper and between being put off and impressed by Dora Rose. Nice touch with the three children. Wished there was more of the villain.

4) Read A Queer Trade by KJ Charles. I read her Magpie Lord series previously, didn't know there were new stories set in the same universe. The ML series was a little over the top, but gave me the feeling that a crossover with Zen Cho's Sorcerer to the Crown would be great fun.

5) Speaking of period fiction (or not), here's an atypical introduction to the laws of Singapore (tho' this was taken from a case I was reading this week):

The island of Singapore was part of the territorial domain of the Johor Sultanate before 1824 when its sovereignty was ceded to the British. As a British possession, its inhabitants were subject to English principles of law. However, it was not until 1826 when the Second Charter of Justice (“the Second Charter”) introduced the entire corpus of English law (common law, equity and English statutes of general application) to Singapore so far as it was applicable to the circumstances of Singapore and its inhabitants and subject to such modifications as those circumstances might require (as the courts later held its effect to be such). The consequence of this development was that the general law was applicable to all except where the customs and personal laws of the inhabitants required that the general law be modified to suit their circumstances.

Yadda, yadda, you kinda see this general gist whatever case you're reading: criminal, civil, family, procedural rules, etc. With some modification it'd make a great period fantasy setting: colonial powers try their best, but they didn't count on what the natives had up their sleeves. Hehe.
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Fic: But can it see the stars?
Series: Hikago
Dislcaimer: Characters are the creation of Hotta and Obata
Notes: Another riff, after the third game. Contains an OC. Weiqi is Chinese (Mandarin) for igo.

Read more... )
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Fic: And by their games you shall know them
Series: Hikago
Disclaimer: Characters are the creation of Hotta and Obata
Notes: Continuation of a riff on recent news.

Read more... )
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Title: On fingertips we painted stars
Series: Hikaru no Go
Disclaimer: Characters are the creation of Hotta and Obata
Notes: Purely a riff on recent RL news.

Read more... )


Mar. 11th, 2016 12:39 am
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1. Really, JKR? The magic school in Japan is called 'magic-place'? And their robes turn white when they do black magic? Someone should tell the Sumeragi clan.

2. And we're into the 18th round of Blind Go, in time for Japan's Children Day, or Hikago Day 5/5. I'm pimping it because I've signed up and want more people to write Hikago fic. ^_^

3. Alpha-Go v Lee Sedol. Lee lost the 2nd game too. We live in interesting times.
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The numerical date struck me with even more intensity this year, probably because of all the 5's in it. Happy Hikago Day, everyone!

Sadly, I have not kept up with the fandom but Round 17 of Blind Go is up, so that means more fic!

After all this while, I still haven't found a fandom that grabs me as much as Hikago. That's mixed with a little hilarity that some of my favourite characters like Hikaru and Akira and Le Ping are all grown up and not as cute as the first time I encountered them, but luckily Kuwabara (another of my favourites) will always be his crabby, sneaky self.

ETA: And flonnebonne alerted me to this wiki on Hikago - excellent to have.

ETA 2: Everytime I try to do a re-reading of the manga or re-watch the anime, I get impatient and jump to the parts I like, instead of slowly savouring every bit, even the sad parts. Anyone else does the same thing?
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The Midias Touch, John/Sherlock, cracky premise (John has a healing!cock), Sherlock, by flawedamythyst

The Son of Man, JARVIS, Avengers, Iron Man, by copperbadge

Operation Star-Spangled Double(s), humour, Avengers, Captain America, by oatrevolution


Had some time and crossposted some of my old fics to AO3 account.

I also added a new fic I wrote for the most recent round of Blind_Go, Attention to Go Players, which had a genderswap theme.

I hadn't done Blind_Go in ages, and I was about to give this round a pass too, only I went to bed thinking "ok, which genderswapped character would I like to write about?" and woke up with "!!!" Somehow my subconscious had dreamt up an entire scenario for me, and my main exertion was writing it out.Read more... )


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