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With Splendour Fading, Lin Chen/Mei Changsu, Nirvana in Fire, by jusrecht

Ensnared, Su Zhe/Xiao Jingyan, AU, WIP, Nirvana in Fire, by Sychronergy

Let the Years Sculpture Our Love, AU, Yong Qi/Xiao Yan Zi, AU, 還珠格格 aka Huang Zhu Ge Ge aka My Fair Princess, by huanzhuyulu (RuanChunXian)

(I don't know why I was surprised to find 還珠格格 fic, but I was.)
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From bibliogramma: "100 MUST-READ SCI-FI FANTASY NOVELS BY FEMALE AUTHORS" by Nikki Steele. Interesting list, I guess.

Bolded the ones read, commented on a few. I've read about a quarter of the list, which sounds about right, as my taste in sci-fic/fantasy runs mostly to the lighthearted.

Read more... )

*side-eyes*: They missed out The Changeover by Margaret Mahy. And The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.


Have dominion, Queen Helen, Magician's Nephew, Narnia, by edenfalling

God Save the Queen, RPF, Captain America et al, by copperbadge

Only Begotten and sequel, Whosoever Believeth, Lucifer/Damian crossover, and something like, canon is its own warning?, by astolat
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Empty Graves, Martha, Superman, by Unpretty

Permit A38, support staff of SHIELD, Avengers, by old_chatterhand


[personal profile] colorblue found Nirvana in Fire and I gushed about it at her post here. So much fun. I remember in one of the earlier episodes, one of the characters (Mengzhi) said to Mei Changsu, "You must have been through a lot (of suffering) to the extent that it changed the way you look now, to this." He meant it in a regretful way, and my id response was: "Wha.... he looks like Hu Ge now. There is no bad!"


Blind_Go id received for latest round. Now to write Hikago fic...


Mar. 25th, 2016 09:01 pm
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A list:

1) Is it just me or has March been a really long month (and is still not over)? I've been to the wake of a friend's mum, to prison (work-related), to court (both subordinate and high, also work-related), transferred to a different mail system, witnessed an eclipse (sorta), wrote fic, missed a tutoring session out sheer exhaustion, reacted (or not reacted) to news reports on terrorism and disasters, and replaced all the furniture in my room (I did not know I owned that many books). Not to mention AlphaGo v Lee Se-dol.

2) Speaking of Lee Se-dol (or as some websites have it, Lee Sedol), AlphaGo won the game by defying basic human instinct. That post is useful for people like me, whose strategic gaming skill only extends to tic-tac-toe. Kinda fun fodder for fic too, methinks.

3) Read The Bone Swans of Amandale, by C.S.E. Cooney, which was recced on Asking the Wrong Questions, mainly because the book cover reminded me of the last scene in Bridge of Birds. It is actually a re-telling of Pied Piper, and a rather good one. Enjoyed the narrator Maurice, fascinated by the Nicolas the piper and between being put off and impressed by Dora Rose. Nice touch with the three children. Wished there was more of the villain.

4) Read A Queer Trade by KJ Charles. I read her Magpie Lord series previously, didn't know there were new stories set in the same universe. The ML series was a little over the top, but gave me the feeling that a crossover with Zen Cho's Sorcerer to the Crown would be great fun.

5) Speaking of period fiction (or not), here's an atypical introduction to the laws of Singapore (tho' this was taken from a case I was reading this week):

The island of Singapore was part of the territorial domain of the Johor Sultanate before 1824 when its sovereignty was ceded to the British. As a British possession, its inhabitants were subject to English principles of law. However, it was not until 1826 when the Second Charter of Justice (“the Second Charter”) introduced the entire corpus of English law (common law, equity and English statutes of general application) to Singapore so far as it was applicable to the circumstances of Singapore and its inhabitants and subject to such modifications as those circumstances might require (as the courts later held its effect to be such). The consequence of this development was that the general law was applicable to all except where the customs and personal laws of the inhabitants required that the general law be modified to suit their circumstances.

Yadda, yadda, you kinda see this general gist whatever case you're reading: criminal, civil, family, procedural rules, etc. With some modification it'd make a great period fantasy setting: colonial powers try their best, but they didn't count on what the natives had up their sleeves. Hehe.
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Razorback, at Apex, by Ursula Vernon.


Trailer (with subtitles) for Stephen Chow's new movie 《美人魚》 aka Mermaid. Not sure if the movie is worth watching, but the trailer is hilarious for the ways the poor bloke tries explaining to the police that a mermaid is half-human, half-fish, and keeps getting questionable sketches. Also other trailer for the non-ironic octopus-man.

ETA: Trailer for Monkey King 2, focusing on the encounters with the White Bone Demoness, which is one of the most awesome segments in Journey to the West. It's typical fare in operas because it's big and dramatic. This one has Gong Li as the demoness. Unfortunately, Aaron Kwok as Monkey. Bleh.
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Occupational Safety, Poe, Finn, Star Wars VII, by shadydave

The Importance of Being Edited, Miles Vorkosigan and fanfic, by shimotsuki

Thanks to [ profile] nineveh_uk for alerting to the fact that there are Daddy-Long-Legs fanfic:

Dear Walt, Judy/Jervis, Daddy-Long-Legs, by Bookwormsarah

The Diary of Julia Rutledge Pendleton: Excerpts, Daddy-Long-Legs, by shealynn88


Read Kings Rising by [ profile] freece aka C.S. Pacat. I was annoyed that it'd been 2 Feb here for hours and I had to wait on Amazon's timezone for it, but then it downloaded and I was happy. Repeats to self: Laurent is the blond one; Damien, no, Damon, no, Damen is the dark-haired one. Blondie is from Vere, Damen is from Akielos. Yup, gotcha.

I'd read a few chapters of Captive Prince back when it was still on LJ, and liked it... sort of. The story was interesting, though slavefic isn't really my kink, but it was fun to read. Only I kept mixing up the two main characters. Not due to any fault in the characterisations, but due to my facility for confusing d/l/m/r sounds. Dalen, Daren, Ramen, Laumen, Lauden... it was frustrating. With constant reminders to self (see above), though, I worked though that, and got three books' worth of entertainment. spoilery? More opinions than about plot )
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Monkey King Faerie Queen, by Zen Cho.


It's been an unsettling week.

Celebrity-wise, the deaths of David Bowie and then Alan Rickman. Especially Alan Rickman. There I was, watching Sense and Sensibility for Emma Thompson and trying not to be too ticked off at Marianne for whining when all of a sudden Colonel Brandon came on the scene and whoa, couldn't take my eyes off him. Then I was ticked off at Marianne for an entirely different reason. One of the most visceral reactions I've ever had to a movie character. Lovely to see him as Snape - one of the main reasons to catch the Harry Potter movies, really.

It's too soon. Dammit.

And then not on the same scale of tragedy but adding to one's bewilderment at the insanity in the world, terrorists in Jakarta.

Lastly, the expected-but-nice-to-have: Tsai Ing-wen elected Taiwan's first female president

I'm starting to look upon 2016 with extreme suspicion.
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Meme! Though a bit irrelevant, seeing as I haven't written much fic for years.

Make a list of:

Ten things that you think are common in your fic:

Read more... )

Ten things you think are uncommon in your fic although commonly found in fic in general:

Read more... )

Ten things you wish were more true of your fic (just ten?):

Read more... )


I finally found it! MV of 张学友's 《不想这是场戏》 a search complicated by the fact that I couldn't even figure out how to romanise Cantonese, and didn't remember the exact title, and Jacky Cheung has too many songs and MVs. Resolution isn't that great, but yay anyway. What I really love about this is that the male character (Cheung himself, as presumably himself the famous singer) and the female character do not end up together. They had a few moments of chemistry while practising their dance, and that was it. The end was lovely.

And goodness, does Jacky Cheung look so young, or is it just me?
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Not fic:

Rec from f-list, a narrative of the Hugos whatever, Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters, by Philip Sandifer



The Widest Golf, Phil/Clint, Avengers, Agents of Shield, by Pagination

Treason, Traitors and Treachery, James/Q, Skyfall, by Kryptaria and rayvanfox

Anarchy In The U.K., Charles/Erik, AU, X-Men First Class, by Yahtzee. I found myself reminded of The Student Prince by Fayjay, but it's still very good.



Death Comes to Pemberly, PD James. Not bad, has quite the flavour of Austen in some parts, with nice moments of sarcasm (though not irony), sprinkled liberally with cynicism. The exposition on Charlotte was delicious, if a little deadening. To the modern sensibility weaned on scenes of gory violence, Dary's squeamishness regarding dead bodies deserved an eye-roll. Plot was okay; the red herring was so obvious as to verge on being neon-coloured, the resolution was very deux ex machina and James' way of dealing with Wickam was a cop-out, frankly. I wished Elizabeth had more of a role in the investigation, but perhaps that would have made the novel more cosy-like, which is not probably what James wanted. I enjoyed, fangirl-like, the little bits that connected with the other Austen novels, such as Persuasion and (wee!) Emma.
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YO, K2tog (it's like a code), Arthur/Eames, knitting, Inception, by lazulisong

Early Reunion, AU, Valka, Stoick, How to Train Your Dragon, by Raberba girl (Raberba_girl)

Through The Spines Unfurling (Five Things You Should Know About Cacti), Lee/Gaara, Naruto, by mstigergun. This is a fic of beauty.


Have been watching the 2014 Romance of the Condor Heroes. 神鵰俠侶 is one of my favourite novels out of Jin Yong wuxia novels (I also adore 鹿鼎記 and 倚天屠龍記), and I have a soft spot for the televised versions, however ridiculously the condor is portrayed. When I first read the novel and came across the description of the giant condor, I assumed it was fake as I could not conceive of a bird that huge. Then I read more about birds and realised sure, they could be really big and perhaps Jin Yong just wrote about a slightly mutated version (you see where my X-men knowledge kicked in). (The novel describes a "man-sized" bird.)

The limits of special effects meant that early televised versions did have a man-sized condor, sort of like Big Bird that flapped fake-looking wings and did most of its flying off-camera, or in the distance. One took it on faith: this is TV, you are reminded while moping your heart out for the doomed romance of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu. Then the 2006 China-made version featured a condor that Yang Guo could ride on could beat off dozens of men with its wings (my error - thanks for pointing that out, sabriel!). The 2014 version has one that humans could stand on, as though the bird was one of the Monkey King's magical clouds. That wingspan does not, even to my amateur eyes, look anything wide enough, and I'm vaguely dissatisfied that from being Yang Guo's friend, the Giant Condor has become something of a transportation device. Even if they needed to get to Xiangyang quickly. Seriously, they have qinggong, use it!
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In a fit of madness I hit upon the idea of wanting to buy more hair sticks and stumbled (not so accidentally - I heard the prices were low) upon wooden ones. It's at Taobao. Not sure if the links will work, but if they do the pictures... I assure you I'm boggled and tempted. I also did not know that there were such things as porcelain hair sticks but they are pretty, and then I saw these ones made of wooden shavings which are also very, very pretty, and I want to buy a bunch and stick them in vases.

Speaking of flowers: Passion fruit, pomegranate and honeysuckle flavoured tea. I don't often go in for flavoured teas, but it was on sale. And it's sweet. I mean, it's sweet-smelling, but I drink it without sugar and I'm thinking, "Ooh, tastes sweet". When it's only the flavourings giving me that impression. Interesting effect.


Sorry Doesn't Always Make Things Right, Laura/Sorry, The Changeover, by Aishuu.

There is just not enough Changeover fic in the world. Maybe it's because Margaret Mahy portrayed Laura and Sorry's story so well that people feel reluctant to intrude? I feel a bit of that. But I still want fic. ^_^

ETA: Keep the Car Running, up to chapter 7, WIP, Inception/Sherlock crossover by [ profile] earlgreytea68.


Current most hated word: susurration (and my god! I spelt it right on the first try! Go me! Too bad I have no use for this word myself.) I've seen it twice now (at least) in Nukume Dori, a Tokyo Babylon/X/1999, Subaru/Seishirou fic. I enjoy the fic, but this word just doesn't feel right to me in the instances when it has been used. Maybe it's too abstract? I've seen it to describe the rustling sound of bedclothes, but the word always jerks me out of the narrative.
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Long fics:

Law Like Love, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by PlaidAdder. I really like the fact that it's written in reverse chronological order. Part of the Wild About Harry series, earlier parts of which I've recced before.

Crown of Thorns [The Walls, the Wainscot, and the Mouse] 'Verse, Crowley, Aziraphale, Good Omens, by irisbleufic.

Lilies at the Funeral, Miss Marple/Return to Night (Mary Renault) crossover, by [personal profile] legionseagle. It's on her website so I can't put down any comments as I would have done if it were on LJ or DW or AO3 or Read more... )
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That We've Broken Their Statutes, Harry Potter/Labyrinth crossover, WIP, by nagia

He Calls Himself the Quartermaster, AU, James Bond/Q, torture and rape themes, Skyfall, by Only_1_Truth

Knight Magic series, Harry Potter/Sherlock crossover, John/Sherlock, by suitesamba. The first of the series, Knight Magic, is completed (which I recced earlier), while the next one Knight Magic: The Hogwarts Project, is WIP.

Toad Words, by [ profile] ursulav. Original fic, though you could also call it fairytale fanfic? But I loved it.
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Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate it; happy chocolate day to all those who don't.

Yuletide is also unveiled, and there's such a staggering variety that I can only bemoan my media illiteracy. Haven't read a lot so far as I've been watching the Sherlock mini-episode.

But Yuletide also. Among them:

The Birds and the Bees, Kitty Charing/Freddy Standen, Cotillion by Georgette Heyer.

Out of Sorts, Evelyn/Kit, twincest, False Colours by Georgette Heyer

Two in the bush, Sorry/Laura, The Changeover by Margaret Mahy

On Bigness, Zhuangzi
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Am reading The Persian Boy, Mary Renault, second in the Alexander series. Kindle informs me that I'm 26% through. Is it bad that I think Bagoas is deranged? Also I really need to refer to a relevant map whilst reading.

Editing, a poem by Ursula.


Human Recalibration, WIP, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by Kryptaria

Via Crack_van: Wittenberg Days, Hamlet/Horatio, Hamlet/Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead, by norah
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1) Random question: Do you use the shift key for capital letters or the caps lock key? Was watching classmates typing notes yesterday (finally deciding to sit at the back row instead of front) and noticed (a) a few using the shift key and (b) others typing with two fingers.

2) Am I old school to assume that you ought to have keyboarding skills?

3) Lost my kindle last week by stupidly putting it down in a fast food place and not realising it until 2 hours later. By then, of course... >_> I'm by turns tickled and alarmed to think that someone is reading Skyfall slash on it. (Got kindle deregistered but its contents are there. Didn't lose data, though; I backed up my kindle just a few days before.)

4) Have excuse now to buy a Paperwhite, even though it hits a bit at my finances.


Cold Burn, Sherlock/John, magical AU, Sherlock BBC, by anactoria

The Not Remotely Secret Memoirs of Alexander the Great, Aged 13¾, by arysteia
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And I can hear distant fireworks (and a rather melancholy-sounding bugle). Happy new year to all!

(Those who go by the Gregorian calendar anyway. ^_^;)

I would do the end-of-year meme, except nothing much happened to me this year. 2012 made me a much duller, more anxious, more discouraged person - and I resolve to be less so in 2013. That sounds rather un-celebratory: sorry.

I hope 2013 goes more smoothly. If 2012 was good for you, my best wishes that it'll be even better, and if you've had a not-so-good year, take heart that you're not alone, and things can only go up from here, right?


As always, have fic:

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums, Q, Skyfall, by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel

Build a better life (by building a better coffee machine), Q, Skyfall, by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel

Comfort, Vicariously, Q and paperwork, Skyfall, by deHavilland

ETA: The Sex Song of J.A. Alfred by twistedchick
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Yuletide fics. Haven't read many so far; these were recced by f-list:

I'll Break My Staff, I'll Drown My Book, Jacko, The Changeover, by kittydesade

The Age of Not-Believing, Chihiro, Spirited Away, by Mithrigil. Enjoyed this a lot.

The Emissary, Spirited Away, by Beth Winter

Fated, or, Two Weddings and a House Warming, interludes from Heyer's Friday's Child, by Temaris

The Very Secret Diaries of Saint Augustine, by tryfanstone. Which is hilarious.

Jingu All the Way, Journey to the West, by Shpilkus

Ice Dwarves and Other Celestial Bodies, Pluto/Charon, the solar system, by fresne. Only at Yuletide.


Currently reading a very grim book, Tombstone by Yang Jisheng, about the great famine in China during its Great Leap Forward from 1958 to 1961.

Less grim reading from Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies, about forgotten kingdoms, duchies, etc from Europe.
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Tho' actually this reveals that I should be doing more studying:

Tea-time of the Dead, Good Omens, zombies, by bellacatbee

(he's) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be, Q, Skyfall, by [ profile] paperclipbitch

Clockwork Soldiers, its sequel Cold Passions, further sequel Conventional Parabolas, Q/Bond, explicit sex scenes, Skyfall, by manic_intent


'bout that studying...

Apparently there is (or was) a ship named The Narnian Sea ( supposedly has a picture of it, but you can't tell because lousy resolution: here). There is a port called Sharpness (apparently in Britain) - a name which is so cool that I've stolen it for my unwritten NaNo fic. Aaaaand also (this is 100 levels of awesome) a ship named The Pontianak.
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Apparently the pairing name for Q/Bond is 00Q, which reminds of that drink named Qoo. I prefer not to take James Bond movies seriously (and switching off whenever James Bond has any sort of onscreen interaction with a woman who is neither M nor Michelle Yeoh), so I've been having fun with:

A pox on all your machines, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by scioscribe

The sheer lack of professionalism, same pairing, same author.


Copy of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance came in the mail a couple of days ago. Finished it yesterday. hackneyed plot saved by good writing - spoilers within )


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