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Ended up watching the Star Wars movie after all, which wasn't as much about The Force Awakening as in What the heck has the Force been doing, exactly? (Actually, should have gone in for Ip Man 3.) But eh, it was a corporate thing with free tickets. spoilery )


Decagram series, Seishirou/Subaru, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999 by AKK. It's been a long while since I've read a really satisfying TB/X future fic, a category which often by necessity is also an AU.


Chapter 31 of All the Best and Brightest Creatures, AU, Sherlock/John, WIP, by Wordstrings

Chapter 5 of Safeguard, Harry Potter/Avengers/Iron Man crossover, WIP, by esama.
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Am reading: 《琅琊榜》 aka Langyabang by 海宴 Hai Yan. I've heard that there's more than one version of the novel around, but this version I'm reading is rather entertaining.

Have read Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho and it is marvellous. I'd read only a couple of her short stories before and while I liked them, I was a bit doubtful about a whole novel. But Kinokuniya had a discount, haha, so I bought it and it's one of the more enjoyable novels I've read in a while. not really spoilery, but ) So I'm totally gasping for the sequel. There's supposed to be a sequel, right?


The Case of the Engineer's Petard, Sherlock, casefic, by AJHall

The shadows feel like home, part of the series National Service, Susan Pevensie, Narnia, Dr Who, Good Omens, and next in the series, Too used to being listened to, Edmund Pevensie, Narnia, Good Omens, by burntcopper.
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Love or What You Will, AU, Sherlock/John, poetry, Sherlock, by miss_frankenstein

You or Someone Like You, AU crossover of AUs, Tony/Steve, kidfic, by scifigrl47. This fic will probably be confusing if you haven't read the relevant AUs by the same author, but those are awesome in themselves, so it's just fanfic joy upon fanfic joy.

A Wing and A Prayer, Tony, Iron Man/Avengers, by copperbadge. The author, by the way, posting several new fics in the Iron Man/Avengers fandom - I loved this one most.


Random thoughts.

ONE. I saw a Subaru (vehicle) on the way to work, and my thoughts went to another Subaru, aka Tokyo Babylon. How old would Subaru be by now? Lessee, he was a young adult at X/1999, so 16 years on to now, 2015, he's probably in his mid to late 30s. Poor guy, I hope he isn't still hung up on Seishirou. It was a doomed romance from the start. There're still good years ahead, maybe with someone who's genuinely cheerful all the time. Like... Naruto! And now I want to write a fic where Subaru meets Naruto and have a cheerful affair.

TWO. Sat in on an interview during the week and I felt so bad for the candidate but... unless you have a physical condition that prevents you from doing so, SIT UP when you're at an interview. Sit up straight, even. You should not be hunched over your bag (which by the way, should be on the floor or maybe another chair but not your lap) and also, stop mumbling.

THREE. Damn this stupid haze. My eyes keep tearing up.
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So, I've been writing and posting a WIP called Off Trajectory over at 31_days, a Viewfinder/Crazy Tokyo Paradise crossover where I work out my headcanon of Tsukasa and Ryuji. I'm afraid that to-date, it's full of Takaba trying to figure things out and Asami being his usual bastardy, not-so-mysterious self. It's not high on action and what little reference to sex is all fade-to-black. I'm kind of excited about writing again, though.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:


The Guarded Secret, AU, John/Sherlock, Secret Garden/Sherlock, by mycapeisplaid

The Committee To Prepare The Ground, Barrayan women, Vor series, by Raven (singlecrow)
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Earlier in May I caught Age of Ultron, which was good in parts and senseless in others, and people with stronger opinions than me have already stated them, so. I did like [ profile] onyxhawke's review.

Caught Spy yesterday, which was a nice surprise as, for some reason I had been expecting a thriller, it was a comedy and was hilarious in parts. Read more... )



My Real Children by Jo Walton. I was at first confused that this was considered science fiction Read more... )

Bryony and Roses by [ profile] ursulav, see also ebook launch, under the name T. Kingfisher. Re-telling of Beauty and the Beast story: it's enlivened by the heroine being a gardener, the beast being sarcastic, and an intensifying mystery about how the beast came to be.



School, part 5 of earlgreytea68's Nature and Nurture series, Sherlock/John.

Jealous Gods, WIP, John/Sherlock, later Q and Bond, Sherlock, Skyfall, by xiaq. Also to intersect: Phaedrus, also WIP, Q, James Bond, Skyfall.

Home Improvement, Clint/Phil, AU, Avengers, by pagination.
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The James Holmes Chronicles, Sherlock/John, Moriarty's son, AU, Sherlock, by prettyvk

On the Turning Away, Draco/Harry, HP, by [ profile] blamebrampton. Or at LJ: Part 1, 2 and 3

these little powerless bones, squib, HP-verse, by dirgewithoutmusic

the family evans, Petunia Dursley, HP, by dirgewithoutmusic

A Better Leg, Hiccup, Httyd, byearthstar
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Blind Spot, Hiccup/Astrid, How to Train Your Dragon, by ArtemisRae

Starlight and Fairytales, Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade, child AU, WIP, Sherlock, by starrysummernights

The Best Laid Plans, Q/Bond, AU, WIP, Skyfall, by Lafayette1777


With exams over, I've been taking it easy and trying to get scenarios of "what if" out of my head by reading and writing my Yuletide fic and also watching K-drama. Just finished The Master's Sun, rom-com with slight horror elements derived from the female character's Sixth Sense ability. Extra plus: the male character is played by So Ji-Sub and wears a lot of smart-looking clothes throughout the series. Also loved the genre-savvy deduction by So Ji-Sub's character, not only about how his magially-induced amnesia came to be, what what exactly the amnesia was hiding, i.e. that he was in love with the self-sacrificing Tae Kong-Sil (played by Kong Hyo-Jin - not my favourite, but she's rather adorable at moments). I always get frustrated at how seemingly idiotic amnesic characters behave in dramas and movies. So that was pretty enjoyable.
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Special Delivery, John, Sherlock, crossover, WIP, by lavvyan

The Prince's Bride, Harry/Severus, previous Harry/Ginny, reference to The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, by suitsamba

The Adventure of the Seal in the Living Room, John, Sherlock, Lestrade, and a Seal, Sherlock, by bold_as_Brass

The Wedding Present, Lestrade/Mycroft, Sherlock, by bold_as_brass.


I'd always heard that you could get a wide variety of stuff from Chinese shopping websites, but I've never taken the time to check them out before. And now I have, and it's hilariful like whoa.

The souvenirs you wanted to buy in China but didn't actually find in touristy shops:

Embroidery kits (what? I'd always wanted to learn to do Chinese embroidery - apparently they provide you real silk thread which is hard to come by where I am). Also embroidery paraphernalia.

Mink yarn.

Erhu... except I imagine it'd be a bit tough to get through customs due to the need to verify that the python skin used is from a sustainable source/not prohibited for import/any other reason.

Ooh, I've always wanted a jinghu!

Except if you go down the slippery slope of checking out musical instruments, what's to stop you from wanting to buy a
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The Midias Touch, John/Sherlock, cracky premise (John has a healing!cock), Sherlock, by flawedamythyst

The Son of Man, JARVIS, Avengers, Iron Man, by copperbadge

Operation Star-Spangled Double(s), humour, Avengers, Captain America, by oatrevolution


Had some time and crossposted some of my old fics to AO3 account.

I also added a new fic I wrote for the most recent round of Blind_Go, Attention to Go Players, which had a genderswap theme.

I hadn't done Blind_Go in ages, and I was about to give this round a pass too, only I went to bed thinking "ok, which genderswapped character would I like to write about?" and woke up with "!!!" Somehow my subconscious had dreamt up an entire scenario for me, and my main exertion was writing it out.Read more... )
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Long fics:

Law Like Love, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by PlaidAdder. I really like the fact that it's written in reverse chronological order. Part of the Wild About Harry series, earlier parts of which I've recced before.

Crown of Thorns [The Walls, the Wainscot, and the Mouse] 'Verse, Crowley, Aziraphale, Good Omens, by irisbleufic.

Lilies at the Funeral, Miss Marple/Return to Night (Mary Renault) crossover, by [personal profile] legionseagle. It's on her website so I can't put down any comments as I would have done if it were on LJ or DW or AO3 or Read more... )
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Dangerous Games, AU, Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/John, by arizona

Seduction by Aviation series, Avengers/Cabin Pressure crossover, Tony/Martin, by flawedamythyst

And fanfic of a fanfic and AU of and AU:

Diversions series, fanfic of Seduction by Aviation series, by rabidsamfan


RL. And yeah. I do have an RL journal, but updating there always makes me feel extra self-conscious, like Attention: Updating My Life Now. Perhaps it's because I've had this journal for much longer. So. RL. )
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That We've Broken Their Statutes, Harry Potter/Labyrinth crossover, WIP, by nagia

He Calls Himself the Quartermaster, AU, James Bond/Q, torture and rape themes, Skyfall, by Only_1_Truth

Knight Magic series, Harry Potter/Sherlock crossover, John/Sherlock, by suitesamba. The first of the series, Knight Magic, is completed (which I recced earlier), while the next one Knight Magic: The Hogwarts Project, is WIP.

Toad Words, by [ profile] ursulav. Original fic, though you could also call it fairytale fanfic? But I loved it.
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[ profile] earlgreytea68 announced that she published her first book. It's here. Also there's a free prequel novella for those who want to dip their toes in first.

Three things struck me after reading the book )



Knight Magic, Sherlock/Harry Potter merged/crossover, John/Sherlock, by suitesamba.

Paparazzo, Tony Stark/Peter Parker, Iron Man/Spider-Man crossover, by basingstoke. And the sequel Tabloid
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Anyone who feels like it should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

In no particular order:

1) Labyrinth
2) A Chinese Odyssey Part 1: Pandora's Box and Part 2: Cinderella, the 1995 Stephen Chow adaptation/re-imagining of Journey to the West. Cracky as hell, and the last time Stephen Chow had an original idea. This should probably count as two movies?
3) Ringu. This is purely here to explain why I dislike mirrors. Also, how I should never watch horror movies.
4) Wu Yen. If I were any sort of normal Anita Mui fan I'd name Rouge, but I have an unbearable weakness for slapstick comedy and it isn't, mind, just anyone who can cross-dress as fantastically as Anita Mui did in this.
5) 2046. Sequel, of sorts, to In the Mood for Love. Think Cloud Atlas was good? Pft.
6) Infernal Affairs 1-3 (Yes, I'm cheating)
7) Hu Du Men. Because Josephine Siao.
8) Princess Mononoke
9) My Lucky Star. Because Tony Leung.
10) How to Train a Dragon

This list obviously says a lot about the type of Hong Kong movies I like and how few Western movies I've watched or feel strongly about. Honourable mentions: The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, the first 10 Stephen Chow movies. Also, how much do I love Tony Leung? A lot.


Golden Week, Hikaru/Akira, Hikago, by mousapelli

Nature and Nurture, John/Sherlock, AU, Completed (!), by earlgreytea68
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Holmes is Where the Heart Is, baseball AU, Sherlock/John, by earlgreytea68, the sequel to The Bang and the Clatter

A Family Affair, Sherlock/Skyfall crossover, by therunawaypen

Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark's Super Villain Name, chapter 1/2, WIP, Avengers-verse, by scifigrl47


1) Currently reading the 12-book omnibus of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

2) Also watching Once Upon a Time: I'm somewhere in the middle of and the last episode of season 1, because I'm impatient that way, and also in the 5th episode of season 3, because I'm also impatient that way.

3) Work is full of long hours, which I hate (the long hours, not the work) but is necessary at times (ditto), so I just grit my teeth and go with it. I'm just not keen on people telling me that it's "early" to leave the office at 10pm.
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Newest update, chapter 23 to The Best and the Brightest, Sherlock, AU, by wordstrings, which is spectacular enough to set the screen alight with its genius.

Let Parker be Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man/West Wing/Avengers, by lonelywalker

Bondlock: Mycroft's Son, Skyfall, Sherlock, by IBegToDreamAndDiffer


Sober things:

I tried posting about this a few days after the funeral, but couldn't make myself set the post to 'public'. family stuff )

Happy 2014!

Jan. 1st, 2014 11:57 pm
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Whoa, the first day of the new year is nearly over.

2013 was a pretty intense year for me, and I didn't get to write or read as much as I wanted to. I won't make any resolutions here, but I do hope 2014 will allow me to do more of those things.

Happy new year, everyone. Good health and peace to all.


Empty Houses, John/Sherlock, Sherlock pre-season 3, by PlaidAdder, and the sequel: The Young Men Carbuncular

Always a Neverland, John/Sherlock, post-Reichenbach, Sherlock, by suitesamba
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Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate it; happy chocolate day to all those who don't.

Yuletide is also unveiled, and there's such a staggering variety that I can only bemoan my media illiteracy. Haven't read a lot so far as I've been watching the Sherlock mini-episode.

But Yuletide also. Among them:

The Birds and the Bees, Kitty Charing/Freddy Standen, Cotillion by Georgette Heyer.

Out of Sorts, Evelyn/Kit, twincest, False Colours by Georgette Heyer

Two in the bush, Sorry/Laura, The Changeover by Margaret Mahy

On Bigness, Zhuangzi
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His Fate Will be Unlearned, AU, Tony/Steve, Iron Man and Avengers, by scifigrl47

wordstrings's All the Best and the Brightest (AU, WIP, Sherlock, John, Sherlock) was updated a couple of days back!


Two days before winter solstice and it's getting a bit chilly. Chilly in the tropics being about 23-25 Celsius. It's all a matter of temperatures being relative, of course. If the average temp is roughly 32-35 Celsius, 23 is a bit of a drop and calls for cardigans. Although snow in Vietnam is a rather bigger drop.

By way of shameless self-promotion, here I point interested people to go and pick a topic for my blogging meme which begins on solstice: at DW or at LJ, either is fine.

I make a bigger fuss out of solstice (since I don't do Christmas except for decorated malls and chocolate treats) since it is indeed the shortest day of the year: a difference I can actually observe for myself! Also we eat tangyuan, a mochi-like thing. And also 冬至 aka Winter Solstice has been regarded as the start of the new year for some Chinese, and for others it has been as important, if not more important, than Lunar New Year.

New Year Resolutions:

1) Stop being passive-aggressive about... everything.
2) Pay attention to health stuff: eating moderately, exercise, all that.
3) Knit more, read more, worry less.
4) Write.
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Just for the record, I really do loathe Powerpoint. Yes, it can be somewhat amusing to think of what other cryptic thing to put on my slides, but I had a lot of fun doing the laundry, too.


Previously recced, but it was just updated a few days back! The Best and the Brightest, Sherlock/John, AU-ish, WIP, by wordstrings. Concentrated brilliance.

The Madness of Angels, magical AU, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by ayalesca

Water Children, AU, Sai, Hikaru, WIP, Hikaru no Go, by tuuli ([personal profile] tuulentupa)


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