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Every time I start to feel regretful about being jobless, my ex-colleagues helpfully 'update' me on the latest procedurally/ethically questionable wtf thing that my ex-bosses have decided/said. And yes, there have been more than one. (I shall have to refer to them by number soon.) It's unnerving when senior lawyers forget that they are lawyers...


Segueing from Love in the Moonlight into Reply 1988, which is a sweet coming-of-age drama of a bunch of 18-year old kids who live in the same neighbourbook and also (the part that grabbed my attention) Choi Taek, a young baduk genius (who is described as being a god of baduk who struggles a bit at normal life), and includes this hilarious scene: Play-ing Baduk with Taek. And when the Fujitsu Cup nearly became a container for kimchi. ^____^


Nearly forgot: hope you had a great Deepavali!
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Still reading 瑯琊榜 Nirvana in Fire, chapter 121 of 149. I'd say that reading this novel is improving my Chinese, but unfortunately a lot of it is classical Chinese or archaic words (or both) that don't see much use in modern times. Kind of fun, though, if you are interested in the language.

And between the more serious chapters I turn to clips of the series for entertainment (beware spoilers), like this one of Xiao Jingyan watching Mei Changsu aka Lin Shu pull his sword (oh dear, that sounds so naughty). I love that moment when Mei Changsu is inwardly going "ohshit ohshit I just gave myself away wtf I'll just pretend nothing's happened".

Or where Xiao Jingyan gives Mei Changsu aka Lin Shu a present (wtf, it still sounds naughty)- and also, that moment when you'd expect Mei Changsu to gasp and say, "I do!"

And I've rewatched this like five times: where Fei Liu splashes Lin Chen with water while Mei Changsu watches - a rare instance of a cheerful and genuinely amused Mei Changsu.


Oct. 24th, 2015 01:50 am
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I'm now sad it's too late to nominate 瑯琊榜 Nirvana in Fire for Yuletide because it's awesome and there's just so much to work with and I really want someone to write me Mei Changsu/Xiao Jingyan fic. Or Mei Changsu/Lin Chen fic.

Trailer in Mandarin, pretty long - but I love that they used so much guqin. English trailer, short

Have been spending nearly every minute of my free time watching it and I have to say, everything aside, this is one of the prettiest dramas I've seen in a while (and that's not counting Hu Ge, hehe) - the cinematography is lovely, balanced, and the production team has clearly paid attention to details in the props, setting, etc. Satisfying to watch.

Not to mention the sheer plot-fulness of it. Pacing is quite fast, which means scenes don't drag on. There aren't many female characters, the drama being focused on political and court intrigue in a time when such things are dominated by men, but the women that appear are varied and there are understandable motives for what they do or not do. Xiao Jingyan's mother Lady Jing (Royal Concubine Jing?) is pretty much badass, though I really like Xia Dong who is some kind of investigator with the equivalent of the NSA.

Mei Changsu is - well, as the main character, he's certainly arresting, though I have to giggle sometimes when he looks sooo soulfully into the camera and then I have to think to myself "OMG is that really Hu Ge?" I do wibble over his backstory, though, and his super-sad fate, and his self-imposed mission. Also his intellect, and all those significant stares he exchanges with Xiao Jingyan. Though I enjoy the cheerier interaction with Lin Chen.
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[personal profile] yifu posted on this: China TV-series 琅琊榜, which has the odd translated title of Nirvana In Fire (wonder which publicist thought that up) (see also; I just search for "langyabang" on Youtube.

It's a serial-numbers-filed-off version of ... costumes and setting looks like it could be 3rd or 4th century China, where there were still many small countries and territories, a time when kingdoms rose and fell in a matter of decades. This one features a fictionalised country of Liang, into which comes an ethereal-looking (to use [personal profile] yifu's description) strategist played by Hu Ge (yes, really), who is sickly but brilliant in mind. He goes to Jinlin, the capital of Liang, with a hidden agenda and backstory that slooowly becomes clear as he strategises one of the princes to the throne.

I think it's a bit of an unusual side of Chinese culture (even though in the series, Liang - and other countries - haven't been heavily Sinicised) that makes you think sickly scholars are totally cool, even though the country of Liang, like its neighbouring country, is supposed to prize itself on martial arts and the physical prowess of its armies. Luckily this is fiction, or I would totally side-eye the interplaying concepts. The court intrigue isn't just confined to the harem, but to different departments of the government and army - and the characters are multi-dimensional, all with different motivations for their plots. There's a bit of romance, but overall the series is quite focused on stuff like loyalty, integrity, brotherhood, and so on. Add villains that you love to hate, lots of action scenes, people talking in occasional mock literary Chinese (they probably dumbed it down a lot for plebs like me), georgeous clothes, and I'm there.
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Blind Spot, Hiccup/Astrid, How to Train Your Dragon, by ArtemisRae


More Heyer reads: Black Sheep, The Nonesuch, Sprig Muslin and Lady of Quality (last few chapters). Reading a bunch of Heyer within a few days really brings up the similarity of plot devices and the amount of variation that can go into stock character types. Also, Bath. Okay, I think I've got it mostly out of my system for now.

Probably because I have been have also been alarmingly distracted by the 2013 TV version of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, aka The Swordsman. The novel is by Louis Cha, though much of the story in this TV version has been greatly changed in the adaptation, which I have mixed feelings about. I was never the greatest fan of the novel itself, probably because (1) I read it after the watching The East is Red where the so-called evil Dongfang Bubai was played by Lin Ching-hsia and I spent half the time looking for this character while reading (in the novels this character only appears for a chapter or so); (2) the hero of the novel Linghu Chong is arrghhh, stupidly loyal to his teacher when people have tried throughout the novel to tell him that his teacher is a dishonourable hypocrite bastard. On the other hand, it does make Yue Buqun (the teacher) a really great villain, almost Iago-ian in his manipulativeness. (Although I adored the music they created for the Sam Hui movie version.)spoilers and too long thoughts )
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So I woke up to 阳关三叠, from one of our CDs, played by my dad as a way of being Chinese-y without resorting to the usual barrage of Chinese New Year songs.

Lunar New Year has come early and took me a bit unprepared. Usually there's a bit of a longer lead-time from Jan 1. But it's supposed to especially auspicious this year as it is the year of the dragon. Ironically, this year bodes ill for those born in the year of the dragon as they are supposed to have offended the god of Jupiter (太歲) - so the astrological section says - by their very existence this year. Well, well.

Happy New Year anyway!


步步惊心 )

The Yearly Revolution, 4 parts (scroll down for links to the other parts) Sherlock/John, Sherlock, by [profile] methimyesterday

Moving In, Hikaru/Akira, Hikago, by [personal profile] harukami
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School is: on the good days I say to myself, "I'll finish all my reading or die trying." On the bad days, "I'll finish all my reading or else." >_<

Um, right. Finally re-remembered that I can crosspost.

Infiltrate, Sherlock/John, Sherlock, by [ profile] ladyflowdi and [ profile] mirrorskippy. Wherein Moriarty is, as expected, horrible. Long fic (which is why I have the AO3 link). Can't help thinking it's redundant of me to warn for death and violence and torture in this fic, given the fandom... not to mention the sex scenes. Oh well.

Also by the same writers:
a sequel The Love Song of Two Idiots, and another sequel, Speculation, which is a kidfic.

Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals, WIP, Kirk/Spock, reboot Star Trek, contains surprise Dr Who and surprise myth (I don't know enough fanon to judge whether Mormon tale equivalent has any fandom-ly basis anywhere or is the author's pure invention, sorry) but those probably shouldn't detract too much from the fic itself, by chase820

K-drama: Dong Yi )


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