Mar. 11th, 2016 12:39 am
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1. Really, JKR? The magic school in Japan is called 'magic-place'? And their robes turn white when they do black magic? Someone should tell the Sumeragi clan.

2. And we're into the 18th round of Blind Go, in time for Japan's Children Day, or Hikago Day 5/5. I'm pimping it because I've signed up and want more people to write Hikago fic. ^_^

3. Alpha-Go v Lee Sedol. Lee lost the 2nd game too. We live in interesting times.
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The Midias Touch, John/Sherlock, cracky premise (John has a healing!cock), Sherlock, by flawedamythyst

The Son of Man, JARVIS, Avengers, Iron Man, by copperbadge

Operation Star-Spangled Double(s), humour, Avengers, Captain America, by oatrevolution


Had some time and crossposted some of my old fics to AO3 account.

I also added a new fic I wrote for the most recent round of Blind_Go, Attention to Go Players, which had a genderswap theme.

I hadn't done Blind_Go in ages, and I was about to give this round a pass too, only I went to bed thinking "ok, which genderswapped character would I like to write about?" and woke up with "!!!" Somehow my subconscious had dreamt up an entire scenario for me, and my main exertion was writing it out.Read more... )
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Nearly missed posting this: fics for Blind_Go round 13.

Happy Hikago Day, everyone!

ETA 2:

Haven't read all the entries yet, but I loved Nine Simple Rules by [Eisenberg]


Partita by [Adler]



One Digit Away, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by [personal profile] afra_schatz

National Service, Peter Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Narnia, post-Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by burntcopper
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Busy week of triple assignments is finally over. But exams loom...

Still, I've belatedly realised that Blind_Go #13 is up!. sign up by 30 March. Minimum word count 3,500 Theme: memories. Fics due 11.55pm of May 4th. I'm not sure whether to sign up as I'm so busy. Will think on it. But for anyone who loves Hikago, it would be a good opportunity to write fic for it. Go and have fun! ^_^

A Study in Winning, Sherlock/John, tennis AU, WIP, by Jupiter Ash

The One With the Proposal 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3, Sherlock/John, by [ profile] kim47

Fandom being what it is - for better or worse - you find yourself looking for How to Train Your Dragon (Movie) fics while praying that you won't find yourself reading any Hiccup/Toothless fic of any rating. I really, really wanted gen fic. Adventure fic. That's why Sometimes You Should Listen to the Romans is really cute.

John's Dragon, or Sherlock is a Night Fury, by winterhill
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It feels awfully self-indulgent to crosspost this in both LJ and DW. ETA: And hikarunogo (LJ).

Title: What glimpses a goban
Author: Luce Red
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Summary: Shindou and Touya both see something they never expected. Barely-there hint of Shindou/Touya.
Notes: Written for Blind_Go 11. Re-posted after I reworked it a little for better coherence.

Read more... )
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Too Much of Water, Sherlock, John, Lestrade, general/casefic, by [ profile] spycandy

For Science!, Sherlock, John, by [personal profile] flawedamythyst

Jeeves and the Divine Retribution, Bertie/Jeeves, by [ profile] paynodebts


Also, Blind Go reveals are up!

[ profile] lacygrey guessed that I was Otedama, who wrote What glimpses a goban, so she gets a fic as soon as I can think of a plot of sorts. Please be patient, [ profile] lacygrey, I'm working on it!

I found the theme of children/childhood really difficult this time round. I'm not that good at writing childhood scenes, and I didn't feel I could do a good job of writing about any character's childhood or behaviour as a child. What I finally drummed up... technically it fits the theme, I suppose, but my backbrain kept wanting "creepy supernatural stuff! magic gobans! time travel! soul travelling! ghosts!"... >_<

I'm afraid I didn't have time to read more than a couple of the other fics so far -- sorry, BG authors! -- but I read Children at a Hundred, Le Ping, Zhao Shi, by [ profile] justwolf and it was good.
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Ack, late for Hikago Day! My only excuse is that I got up early to write my fic for Blind_Go (advantage of being on the other side of the world from BG mods) and then worked late. But I'm pretty sure it's still May 5 somewhere, so Happy Hikago Day, everyone!

Blind_Go fics are up!

Guess mine and I'll...

Hm, when I went through my old stuff a while back, I came across this post where I offered to write Hikago fics that featured an outrageous tabloid-ish rumour. Eg, Touya Akira is actually a girl!

So, guess who I am at BG, supply me with an outrageous rumour (or two, or three, to choose from) and I'll write the correct guesser a Hikago fic.

Comments are screened until the reveal.
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Got my Blind Go ID. Now what do I write? I haven't written fic for months. (Not since the last BG, I believe.)

Today I read a line of fic that went "he was hardening" and I'm afraid my mind went "Plaster of Paris? Meeting the Gorgon?" rather than what was expected in a sex scene. My brain's not up to writing.

...oh dear.


Wherein There Is a Case, Several Mysteries, John Coming to the Rescue, and an Old Folk Saying, Sherlock, by [ profile] parsnips

No Matter How Improbable, Dresden Files crossover with Merlin and Sherlock Holmes, by [ profile] jade_dragoness

A Study in Blue, Sherlock, by [ profile] writingispurdy
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Did I mention that Blind Go fics are up already? Here, to be precise? There's a number of enjoyable fics this round, and I had a lot of fun reading them. Some of those that I like, in no particular order:

A Newspaper Article, by [Hino]. Report on the 'new wave' in Go Weekly.

The Obligatory Hot Springs episode, by [Chiba] and [Kakazu]. Morishita school v Touya school, and ping pong.

A Mast Without a Sail by [Ishinami], AU, mental illness and possession, one of the serious fics in this round.

The Secrets in the Silence by [Ishizuka], Shindou tells Touya.

A Change of Channels, by [Kitagawa], yet another haunted goban.

Divination by [Matsuoka], Shindou tells Touya.

Five Reasons Why Sai Coming Back in the Flesh Really Isn't as Great as Everyone Makes it Sound, by [Naka], what the title says.

To Be Shown the Seashore, by [Naya], Nase/Iijima.

Three Ghosts, by [Naya], a reincarnation fic.

Akiko's Notebook, by [Suzumura]. Akira's career path.

Akari no Shousetsu by [Iwata], Akari's life.

Honorable mention to Search in Each of Your Tomorrows by [Ito], for its plotty and nice characterisation. It is unfortunately incomplete.
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Is the deadline for Blind_go over? *checks date* Yup, I see that it is. I only had about two-thirds of mine done. Hm, this is the first BG I've actually missed out on. >_>

RL has been too busy for words, and a bunch of other stuff cropped up at the last minute, which just goes to show, I should have started writing much, much earlier. But anyway, I'll be looking forward to the fics this round. A cliche round! I was surprised while writing how many cliches I could fit into my fic (I thought I'd just be using one) with just an off-the-cuff comment here and there. Good times.

Happy birthday, Hikaru!

Speaking of writing, I was just reading this book yesterday and came across this terrific advice on writing about sex: Read more... )
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OMG I just read the most awesome fic. Um, actually I read the first part of it last week, in Seven's earlier entry for hng_deathmatch's round 1, here, and only realised how yummy it really is when the second part went up. I totally want to read what happens next.

The other Round 2 fics are here.


And the next round of [community profile] blind_go is starting! This will be the 8th round and this time, the theme is cliches. Sign up here (and to suggest more cliches) by August 16. The deadline for submissions is 19 September so fics can be up by 20 September, Hikaru's birthday. Word count: 555 to 5,555. AUs and crossovers allowed.

For those who haven't come across BG before, it's a guess-the-author fic challenge. I love the idea of reading fics without knowing the author is--and trying to guess her or his identity. If you've ever thought about writing Hikago fic but weren't sure how it would go over, this is a nice opportunity to find out. ^__^
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Blind Go Reveal!

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Entertainment Business Practices and Talent Management (Takarada Lory), Ouran/Skip Beat, by [ profile] peroxide_fic


Was reading this about Aung San Suu Kyi, and I'm not sorry for the overgeneralisation, but: DAMN YOU MEDDLING AMERICANS.

Zhao Ziyang's posthumous memoirs. I want this book. But can't buy from Amazon. Tho' I might get the Chinese version instead... but I hate reading horizontal Chinese script. (But wait, if the Chinese version is published in Hong Kong, and Kong Kong books do vertical...hmmmm) More info on the book

ETA: Thomas Becket paintings unveiled in Spain

ETA 2: Literary agent Nathan Bransford interviews S.E. Hinton. Seriously cool. And I did not know she wrote The Outsiders at the age of 16. *pure admiration*
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Not a Total Waste of Time, Hon Suyeong, Ko Yeongha, by [personal profile] troisroyaumes. And she wrote it for me. THANK YOU. MUCH <3 It's great.

Round 7 Blind Go fics! Have finished reading them, and wow, there're excellent, beautiful fics this round. Top recs:

All the Pieces, by [jagi]. Waya's POV, Hikaru. Entertainingly written, excellent characterisation of Waya, full of good lines, and with surprisingly insightful parts--I could really see how well Waya understood Hikaru, and it really made me understand Waya himself better.

The Year Between, by [baroaba]. Oka, Hikaru, Akira. Sweet, nicely fleshed out, cute without being cloying, serious at times, and it's pure enjoyment to look at Hikaru and Akira's rivalry through a 3rd person POV. Plus, it works so well into canon.

An Approach to Tsumego, part 1 and part 2, by [lotto]. Sai, Heian, AU version of how things turned out, tho' ending is the same. Layered, beautiful conception and execution, great details about the Heian court, sleek (but not slick) drawing-in of the themes of Sai's love-obsession with Go, finding a true rival to play with, honour and dishonour. It's the longest fic in this round, but you don't really feel it, because the pacing and plot works well.

Also by the same author [lotto] is Ten, Chi, Jin, a series of drabbles on Mitsuko and how she finds herself. Lovely and subtle without being oblique.

A Series of Less-than-fortunate Events by [jinta] and [tashigi]. Hikaru and Akira, finding themselves in the wrong city. Hilarious for Hikaru's fits of hysteria (hey, alliteration!).

I love [community profile] blind_go


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