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I thought it might happen that way. (Also, I had the impression that most polls were around 50:50.) Even though I hoped not - but I've sort of given up on expecting people not to make decisions out of anger, fear and spite.


The Rules Saga, Atobe/Ryoma, WIP, Prince of Tennis, by psiten. It might be WIP with what is likely a long wait for updates (if ever) but this is, hands down, one of the nicest PoT fics for this pairing that I've read.

The Reaper and the Flowers, Seishirou, Tokyo Babylon/1999, by 定 (Hikarinimichitasora)
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I'm seriously amused at the way each and every of my Japanese students go "EHHH?! Uso!" when I inform them that outside of Japan, females do not customarily give males chocolate on Valentine's Day.

My boss lamented his lack of Valentine chocolate because the females in a foreign land don't have this delicious (albeit manufactured) tradition. ("I gave you heart-shaped CNY cookies", I said.)


Despite my calling it "Chinese New Year" (or CNY), plenty of other cultures (in Vietnam, for example) that follow the Chinese lunar calender celebrate today, too, so perhaps Lunar New Year is a better choice? Hm. Oh well, I'm pretty sure additional good luck never goes amiss, anyway, so happy new year to all and best of luck in the new year! This is supposedly the year of the tiger, so scary influences will be stronger this year, and so we've all got to take things easy and carefully (say the astrologers on TV). There was also the usual round of vague sayings all wishing good health and happiness, so I wish everyone the same too!

My favourite new year couplet:
天增岁月人增寿, 春满乾坤福满门

Happy New Year!


Recced by [ profile] prillalar: Enough Suffering for Anyone, Inui/Kaidou, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] poilass

Sailor Hellblazer, crossover of Sailor Moon and Constantine, by David Tai and Rod M.

From crack_van: , Come in from the Cold, Numb3rs, general, by OughtaKnowBetter.
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Watched Storm Warriors II, which was basically a big special effects fest, tho' I could have done without the numerous nails-on-blackboard screeches of CGI swords. Think that character names such as "Godless" and "Lord Wicked" are wince-worthy. Then again, this movie has characters named Wind and Cloud... Female characters basically stood around and did nothing. Ekin is still cute, though he could have put on more muscle. I seriously want curly hair like Aaron's. Tho' maybe not blue. Simon Yam could have been more badass. Nicholas Tse seems destined to play baddies with facial tics. Overall, a good time was had by all. I want to see Bodyguards and Assassins (十月圍城) next.

Finally sent out Christmas cards early this week; likely a few will be late >_< tho'. If I have the time (and if I remember in time), I'll probably do a 2009 sum-up, but for now: Things to look forward to next year: Read more... )

Linked from [ profile] ayalesca: Stereotyping readers by author. Particularly amused by:

Anne Rice
People who don’t use conditioner in their hair.

James Joyce
People who do not like John Cusack movies.

David Baldacci
No one. Even the police say Clancy before they’ll say Baldacci.



Rikkaidai's Special Team Bonding Day, Sanada's POV, humour, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] kantayra
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The Cheerleader and the Quarterback, Tezuka/Tomoko, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] ghost_lingering. I know the pairing is unusual beyond expectations, but I found it unexpectedly good.

Hikaru's Phoenix, chapter 16, fantasy AU, WIP, Hikaru no Go, by <user name="harumi" site=">
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Nearly forgot: International Flight Akira, Hikaru, others, Hikago, and Separation Anxiety, Tezuka, Yukimura, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] thephoenixboy


Geocities is closing down by this year. Well! On one hand I'd say it doesn't affect me much*, but on the other hand I feel a bit amazed that it's hung on for so long.

*Actually, I have a website there with my fics on it. Not sure what to do with them.(All my fics are already on LJ.) Post them on Dreamwidth as well? Wordpress? Ignore?


Finally after the usual process of procrastination, pre-ordered [ profile] sarahtales's new book The Demon's Lexicon (and not at Amazon).

*wince* I've never really realised how much I recoil from book covers that contain an overwhelming representation of a human face. Don't much like photographs of a person's face on a book cover either. A three-quarter or full portrait, doable. But a big shiny face that sort of demands that I look at it (complete with shiny jewellery) - I don't like.

Ah well, it's not like I bought it for the cover.


Re-watching episodes of Prince of Tennis (up to games with Hyotei)

Random thoughts )


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