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Earlier in May I caught Age of Ultron, which was good in parts and senseless in others, and people with stronger opinions than me have already stated them, so. I did like [ profile] onyxhawke's review.

Caught Spy yesterday, which was a nice surprise as, for some reason I had been expecting a thriller, it was a comedy and was hilarious in parts. Read more... )



My Real Children by Jo Walton. I was at first confused that this was considered science fiction Read more... )

Bryony and Roses by [ profile] ursulav, see also ebook launch, under the name T. Kingfisher. Re-telling of Beauty and the Beast story: it's enlivened by the heroine being a gardener, the beast being sarcastic, and an intensifying mystery about how the beast came to be.



School, part 5 of earlgreytea68's Nature and Nurture series, Sherlock/John.

Jealous Gods, WIP, John/Sherlock, later Q and Bond, Sherlock, Skyfall, by xiaq. Also to intersect: Phaedrus, also WIP, Q, James Bond, Skyfall.

Home Improvement, Clint/Phil, AU, Avengers, by pagination.
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Not fic:

Rec from f-list, a narrative of the Hugos whatever, Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters, by Philip Sandifer



The Widest Golf, Phil/Clint, Avengers, Agents of Shield, by Pagination

Treason, Traitors and Treachery, James/Q, Skyfall, by Kryptaria and rayvanfox

Anarchy In The U.K., Charles/Erik, AU, X-Men First Class, by Yahtzee. I found myself reminded of The Student Prince by Fayjay, but it's still very good.



Death Comes to Pemberly, PD James. Not bad, has quite the flavour of Austen in some parts, with nice moments of sarcasm (though not irony), sprinkled liberally with cynicism. The exposition on Charlotte was delicious, if a little deadening. To the modern sensibility weaned on scenes of gory violence, Dary's squeamishness regarding dead bodies deserved an eye-roll. Plot was okay; the red herring was so obvious as to verge on being neon-coloured, the resolution was very deux ex machina and James' way of dealing with Wickam was a cop-out, frankly. I wished Elizabeth had more of a role in the investigation, but perhaps that would have made the novel more cosy-like, which is not probably what James wanted. I enjoyed, fangirl-like, the little bits that connected with the other Austen novels, such as Persuasion and (wee!) Emma.
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Blind Spot, Hiccup/Astrid, How to Train Your Dragon, by ArtemisRae

Starlight and Fairytales, Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade, child AU, WIP, Sherlock, by starrysummernights

The Best Laid Plans, Q/Bond, AU, WIP, Skyfall, by Lafayette1777


With exams over, I've been taking it easy and trying to get scenarios of "what if" out of my head by reading and writing my Yuletide fic and also watching K-drama. Just finished The Master's Sun, rom-com with slight horror elements derived from the female character's Sixth Sense ability. Extra plus: the male character is played by So Ji-Sub and wears a lot of smart-looking clothes throughout the series. Also loved the genre-savvy deduction by So Ji-Sub's character, not only about how his magially-induced amnesia came to be, what what exactly the amnesia was hiding, i.e. that he was in love with the self-sacrificing Tae Kong-Sil (played by Kong Hyo-Jin - not my favourite, but she's rather adorable at moments). I always get frustrated at how seemingly idiotic amnesic characters behave in dramas and movies. So that was pretty enjoyable.
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Machine Learning, Hikaru, Akira, Hikago, by karanguni, written for Not Prime Time challenge

Blue-Eyed Monster, James Bond/Q, WIP, Skyfall, by Only_1_Truth.


How to view side-by-side apps in Windows 8.1. Hidden Manual indeed. Well, I knew it could be done, but it wasn't a compelling factor to find out how, until recently. Useful to know.

After I got my Surface last year, I used it more in the nature of a toy - after all, it had very few apps that made tablets fun - and for playing video clips, especially after my laptop became wonkier (something with the video card). Began to rely on it more when I did my training stint, and now carry it everywhere (well. It is a bit weighty.) just because there're so many documents on it now. I guess it's quite functional, though I've heard that many people who got the Surface have given it up in frustration because reasons. *shrugs* I'm ok with it, would be happy to get the next version. Now if only it will connect to my printer.

That thing where you wish fanfic-land were like life

I wish, like fanon Sherlock, that life is not a series of situations where I have to keep repeating myself. (Does that happen in canon? I only remember loads of fics were Sherlock supposedly hates repeating himself to mere mortals.) I also get annoyed when other people repeat themselves, especially when I have to sit there and not point this out.

(My annoyance scale runs concurrently with my 'bored-now!' scale, which are both trigger sensitive.)

I'm trying to counsel a friend and I've been repeating myself because friend is troubled. And in trouble. But stubborn. I don't like repeating myself... *whines*
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Holmes is Where the Heart Is, baseball AU, Sherlock/John, by earlgreytea68, the sequel to The Bang and the Clatter

A Family Affair, Sherlock/Skyfall crossover, by therunawaypen

Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark's Super Villain Name, chapter 1/2, WIP, Avengers-verse, by scifigrl47


1) Currently reading the 12-book omnibus of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

2) Also watching Once Upon a Time: I'm somewhere in the middle of and the last episode of season 1, because I'm impatient that way, and also in the 5th episode of season 3, because I'm also impatient that way.

3) Work is full of long hours, which I hate (the long hours, not the work) but is necessary at times (ditto), so I just grit my teeth and go with it. I'm just not keen on people telling me that it's "early" to leave the office at 10pm.
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Am reading The Persian Boy, Mary Renault, second in the Alexander series. Kindle informs me that I'm 26% through. Is it bad that I think Bagoas is deranged? Also I really need to refer to a relevant map whilst reading.

Editing, a poem by Ursula.


Human Recalibration, WIP, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by Kryptaria

Via Crack_van: Wittenberg Days, Hamlet/Horatio, Hamlet/Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead, by norah
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Have been thinking about this post, and comments therein. My conclusion: either I'm a total lightweight and that there are some uber-sewing skills that I've never learnt and which apparently takes lots of time to master, or that I'm an arrogant jerk in thinking that simple (I emphasise simple) sewing skills isn't that hard to learn provided you are interested and have reasonable motor skills (and time and money for equipment and such).

Read more... )


Born from the Earth, Tony/Steve (eventual), Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics and AU, explicit sex, WIP, Iron Man and Avengers, by venusm. Please read author's notes and warnings.

Hm, I think this is my first A/B/O rec. Or not, maybe I've forgotten the previous instances. I do tend to be wary of them, entertaining as they (some of them, anyway) are. This one is pretty good.

Temeraire, Bond/Q, Skyfall, by professorfangirl (lizeckhart). And so is this.

Jagged Little Pill series, comprising also Scar Tissue, Good Riddance, and The Day the World Went Away, Bond/Q, Skyfall, by beederiffic
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Quriosity, Bond/Q, WIP, Skyfall, by dr_girlfriend

Entanglements, Thor/Loki (for the most part, other pairings please see fic headings), explicit sex, humour, Avengers, Marvel, by astolat
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From f-list:

Exclusive, Avengers, by Copperbadge

Handle With Care, James/Q, Skyfall, by Winterhill


Internship finally, finally ended, and I:

1) slept a lot;
2) cleared desk of year-old correspondence that I'd always meant to get to;
3) went to the gym; and
4) watched Red 2. I was mainly there for Lee Byun Hun, though Helen Mirren was enjoyable too. The plot's not supposed to make sense in these kinds of movies, so I didn't pay much attention to it, just sat back and watched one set-piece of action and banter after another.

ETA: I did manage to catch Pacific Rim a couple of weeks backRead more... )
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The Hand that Holds the Leash, Q/Bond, AU, Skyfall, by Only_1_Truth

Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by Sorion.

I do seem to be reccing quite a number of Skyfall fics, don't I? (I'd call them Skyfall rather than Bond fics because - it's superficial of me, I know - I like this Q.)

Previously recced but following faithfully: The Best and the Brightest, newest update currently up to chapter 11, by Wordstrings


Ugh, studying. Exams soon. Tho' thankfully I seem to have got out of the stressed-induced, nervous habit of:

1) tugging my hair (need both hands - one to hold textbook open and the other to take notes)
2) YouTube cat videos
3) Knitting yarn websites
4) Eating...? I feel hungry every other hour and have eaten up all the snacks at home. (Granted, there wasn't much snack food in my home in the first place.)

(2) and (3) due to the measure of not turning on the computer 'cept, well, now.

But I did buy a book thanks to [personal profile] rushthatspeaks's wholly tempting book review. It looks like a great book but Internet, you will be my doom one day.
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the body electric, AU, Q as cyborg, by 8611. Also the sequel an integrated circuit, which is from Q's POV.

Mercenary, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria. (Completed but chapters posted daily, up to chapter 9 of 15 now.)

Semper Familia, WIP, Supernatural by KatZen

And a reminder that [ profile] earlgreytea68's lovely, wonderful and wonderfully long fic Saving Sherlock Holmes is now completed, all 43 chapters of it.

And her new fic Nature and Nurture, WIP, AU, babyfic, Sherlock/John. She's also just started another fic The Bang and the Clatter, a baseball AU, also Sherlock/John.


Srs thots: re abortion in news; avoid if you hate this topic, as I do )
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Ordinary Numbers, Q/James Bond, AU, Skyfall, WIP, by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria. I'm enjoying this so much.

Echoes From the Crossed Wires, Q, Skyfall, by TriffidsandCuckoos
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F-list informs: Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king's. Sceptical about DNA match (really? I thought there was so much that was iffy about DNA tests, especially for one that depends on comparing it with DNA of great-great-so-many-greats descendents).

All the other things, though, such as the location of the chapel, the injuries to the skull, the curvature of the spine, add verisimilitude. Bonus: speculation on his last battle and fight.


Light from a lonely window, Miles Vorkosigan/Gregor Vorbarra, Vorkosigan series, by Molly

Thought Even The Bones Would Do, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by TheCatOnTheMoon

So If You Give, Q/Bond, Skyfall by TheCatonTheMoon

million dollar question, Q/Bond, Skyfall, by skylights


So sleepy, so busy. Because of time off for LNY, the school saw fit to schedule make-up classes on Saturday. That left just Sunday for studying, which is insufficient. Ugh. Hating school a lot right now.
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And I can hear distant fireworks (and a rather melancholy-sounding bugle). Happy new year to all!

(Those who go by the Gregorian calendar anyway. ^_^;)

I would do the end-of-year meme, except nothing much happened to me this year. 2012 made me a much duller, more anxious, more discouraged person - and I resolve to be less so in 2013. That sounds rather un-celebratory: sorry.

I hope 2013 goes more smoothly. If 2012 was good for you, my best wishes that it'll be even better, and if you've had a not-so-good year, take heart that you're not alone, and things can only go up from here, right?


As always, have fic:

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums, Q, Skyfall, by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel

Build a better life (by building a better coffee machine), Q, Skyfall, by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel

Comfort, Vicariously, Q and paperwork, Skyfall, by deHavilland

ETA: The Sex Song of J.A. Alfred by twistedchick
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All the Best and Brightest Creatures, WIP, up to chapter 2, AU-ish, Sherlock/John, Sherlock, by wordstrings

Palimpsest, Skyfall, AU, James/Q, by manic_intent
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I've decided that one of the things that's going into my bucket list to to go and see Guernica in person. (Though I'm not keen on making a bucket list, as such, because I keep thinking, what if the anticipation doesn't pan out.) But yes, I really, really want to see Guernica one day.

Anyway, grim topics aside: done with final exams! Rather angsty about one exam in which I completely bombed but other than that, ready to put the whole studying thing out of my mind until after Christmas, at least.


Bedtime Stories and Nightmares, chapter 1 only, wip, Iron Man and Avengers 'verse, AU-ish with robots and magic, Tony/Steve, by scifigirl47. Truth be told, scifigirl47's bot fics need a lot of background: at least her Tales of the bot series. But fun.

Bit Bang Theory, AU of Skyfall plus other Bond movies, Bond/Silva, by manic_intent
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Tho' actually this reveals that I should be doing more studying:

Tea-time of the Dead, Good Omens, zombies, by bellacatbee

(he's) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be, Q, Skyfall, by [ profile] paperclipbitch

Clockwork Soldiers, its sequel Cold Passions, further sequel Conventional Parabolas, Q/Bond, explicit sex scenes, Skyfall, by manic_intent


'bout that studying...

Apparently there is (or was) a ship named The Narnian Sea ( supposedly has a picture of it, but you can't tell because lousy resolution: here). There is a port called Sharpness (apparently in Britain) - a name which is so cool that I've stolen it for my unwritten NaNo fic. Aaaaand also (this is 100 levels of awesome) a ship named The Pontianak.


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