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No Grave Can Hold My Body Down, Mei Changsu aka Lin Shu/Xiao Jingyan, AU with Odyssey-verse, Nirvana in Fire, by lostlenore

Fully Functional, Rhodey/Tony, Civil War, by astolat


- Brexit means I can buy The Cursed Child at a cheaper price.

- Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Which is pretty awesome not just because it was fun seeing a kelaidescope of people dressed in their brightest, glitterest best, all beaming at the world, but also:

- public holiday yay! I watched Tarzan Tarzan (brief spoilery thoughts) )

Hikago rec

May. 23rd, 2016 10:16 pm
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Caught in a Thousand Strings, Hikago, AU, WIP, by Thai_Tea_Addict. I'm over the moon at finding good, long fics, especially when it's Hikago. It's WIP, but at over 200,000 words, there's enough for a satisfying read, with the anticipation of more to come. Please heed the warnings for child prostitution. It's a definite AU but the characters are strongly drawn, and as distinctive as in canon. I was struck by how likeable Ogata is - in canon I didn't care for him much, but here he's somehow more compelling. Sai is impressive, and Hikaru... oh, Hikaru.

If the name DJ Stark-Rogers is at all familiar to you, then The DJ Shorts, WIP, AU, Avengers/Iron Man, by scifigrl47
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Love or What You Will, AU, Sherlock/John, poetry, Sherlock, by miss_frankenstein

You or Someone Like You, AU crossover of AUs, Tony/Steve, kidfic, by scifigrl47. This fic will probably be confusing if you haven't read the relevant AUs by the same author, but those are awesome in themselves, so it's just fanfic joy upon fanfic joy.

A Wing and A Prayer, Tony, Iron Man/Avengers, by copperbadge. The author, by the way, posting several new fics in the Iron Man/Avengers fandom - I loved this one most.


Random thoughts.

ONE. I saw a Subaru (vehicle) on the way to work, and my thoughts went to another Subaru, aka Tokyo Babylon. How old would Subaru be by now? Lessee, he was a young adult at X/1999, so 16 years on to now, 2015, he's probably in his mid to late 30s. Poor guy, I hope he isn't still hung up on Seishirou. It was a doomed romance from the start. There're still good years ahead, maybe with someone who's genuinely cheerful all the time. Like... Naruto! And now I want to write a fic where Subaru meets Naruto and have a cheerful affair.

TWO. Sat in on an interview during the week and I felt so bad for the candidate but... unless you have a physical condition that prevents you from doing so, SIT UP when you're at an interview. Sit up straight, even. You should not be hunched over your bag (which by the way, should be on the floor or maybe another chair but not your lap) and also, stop mumbling.

THREE. Damn this stupid haze. My eyes keep tearing up.
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RL: Have been at new job for a bit more than a month now. Not as bewildering now, though still many things to learn/re-learn/un-learn, trying to inculcate new work habits (time costs are a thing...) and quite a bit of internal eye-rolling at clients. Long hours but that's the price of being in a new job...


Lilies of the Field, Cordelia Naismith, Vorkosigan series, by Raven (singlecrow)

Small Town, Simon Illyan, Hawkeye Pierce, Vorkosigan series/MASH, by Raven (singlecrow)

Winterfair Conspiracies, AU, Ekaterin, Miles, Vorkosigan series, by avanti_90

The Soldier And The Hurricane, Howard Stark, Tony Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes, Jarvis, AU, Iron Man/Avengers, by copperbadge
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This, You Protect, Bucky, Avengers, by owlet. Humour. And coffee. This is the only fic I've read so far that's made me think of Bucky as an actual character and not the last 10 minutes of The Winter Soldier. Plus, lots of hilarity.

And also the author's Miracle on Park Avenue, Bucky, Avengers. Not a sequel but feels like it.

Pride Goeth, AU, Tony Stark as teenage dad, Rhodey, by Unadulterated

Nukume Dori - Convergence, last chapter posted, Subaru/Seishirou, Tokyo Babylon/1999, by Leareth. Would not be comprehensible unless you've read the first two parts of this series, which is WIP and not yet completed in entirety but currently ends at an interesting section.
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Safeguard, Harry Potter/Avengers crossover, WIP, by esama. This WIP is spectacular.

Wings of Winter, Frozen/The Wild Swans crossover, by Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD)

aunts aren't gentlemen, Tony Stark, Jarvis, Iron Man, by screamlet
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The Midias Touch, John/Sherlock, cracky premise (John has a healing!cock), Sherlock, by flawedamythyst

The Son of Man, JARVIS, Avengers, Iron Man, by copperbadge

Operation Star-Spangled Double(s), humour, Avengers, Captain America, by oatrevolution


Had some time and crossposted some of my old fics to AO3 account.

I also added a new fic I wrote for the most recent round of Blind_Go, Attention to Go Players, which had a genderswap theme.

I hadn't done Blind_Go in ages, and I was about to give this round a pass too, only I went to bed thinking "ok, which genderswapped character would I like to write about?" and woke up with "!!!" Somehow my subconscious had dreamt up an entire scenario for me, and my main exertion was writing it out.Read more... )
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No Force in the Universe Can Stop Me, Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, AU-ish, Avengers, Iron Man movies, by notbeloved07

Treacherous, pre-Tuffnut/Eret, How To Train Your Dragon 2, NRGburst


RL is giving me more stress than usual so what do I do? I write instead of dealing with it. And then I feel bad that I'm writing instead of dealing with stuff. It's not even good writing: I'm just writing out scenarios to exorcise all the paranoia going through my mind. Perhaps I should read a book instead.
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[ profile] earlgreytea68 announced that she published her first book. It's here. Also there's a free prequel novella for those who want to dip their toes in first.

Three things struck me after reading the book )



Knight Magic, Sherlock/Harry Potter merged/crossover, John/Sherlock, by suitesamba.

Paparazzo, Tony Stark/Peter Parker, Iron Man/Spider-Man crossover, by basingstoke. And the sequel Tabloid
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The Stone Gryphon series, Narnia, by rthsteward. It's very long (475,600 words) but. Have no other words than the ones I put on my bookmark at AO3: Remarkable in so many ways: development of character, depth of character; the attention to the setting of a Britain at war; tender yet courageous exploration of spirituality as seen in the books.

Yet turning stay, Pepper Potts, Iron Man, by Irnan.


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