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Slow and Steady, chapter 1, WIP (up to 11 chapters at last count), future Heero/Duo, GW, by [ profile] turnippatch

No Intention, AU, Sherlock-is-John's-father, WIP, by KeelieThompson1


Year-end fandom meme )
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In possession, Duo, Heero, Gundam Wing, by [ profile] jukeboxhound. Reminds me a bit of [ profile] turnippatch's Haven series too.

Things I did not want to do today, by DS Donovan, Sally, Sherlock, by [ profile] sursum_ursa

Well-adjusted, Shindou Hikaru, angsty, Hikaru no Go, by [ profile] onthecount


Things that have been distracting:

1) Looking into finances as part of plan to stop working and do a course come August. If I continue to teach on weekends, will just about manage (at least, I hope so) for the first year; all bets off for the next. Ugh.

2a) Got a Kindle. It's pretty awesome. Having fun (and stress) loading fanfics (and some books) into it. It's got wifi! And it's faster than my old e-reader! Thank you, USD exchange rate, for making up my mind for me.

2b) Now knitting it a sock. Hot pink. Wondering if I need to get a screen protector as well...

3) Stupid wisdom teeth sending killer headaches that go on for days. Have scheduled dental visit. Weirdly, talking/singing/humming makes the pain more bearable. Wish I'd known this before.
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The Man Who Wasn't There, Sherlock, Lestrade, by [ profile] kantayra

1/2 of Stargate: Atlantis/Gundam Wing crossover and 2/2, by [ profile] askerian


Watched The King's Speech, since it has finally wend its way to this part of the world. It was indeed a well executed film, fun to watch, though going by the chatter as we left the theatre there were quite a lot of young 'uns in the audience who were more interested in what happened in WW2. Hm, I guess each generation becomes interested in that in their own time. And also it took a bit of effort to stop a mental twitch of "OMG Bellatrix Lestrange!" whenever Helena Bonham Carter came onscreen.

Also caught The Kids are All Right. Sigh... I'm not that keen on domestic drama, really. If it weren't for Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, I'd have given it a miss. For a film for which the hype was lesbian couple, there were an astonishing number of male-female sex scenes. Also I hate watching infidelity. Still, it was a good film, nicely nuanced.
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So, my f-list has resolutely (as in, every single post in my friends list) declared hatred for cross-posting to Twitter or Facebook. I'll add my NOOOO to that. Oh, LJ, you're nuts. What will you do when you don't have users to piss off?

Anyway, I got a bit alarmed upon hearing about this weird feature and then remembered I had a Dreamwidth account, so...


In Posession, Heero, Duo, Gundam Wing, by [ profile] hadesphoenix

Running, Waiting, Fighting, Merlin/Supernatural/Torchwood crossover, meta-ish, by [ profile] skellerbvvt

This fic is pretty old so I guess people in the fandom have read it already, but oh well: Transcendental, John/Rodney, Stargate: Atlantis, by [ profile] astolat.

I think I'm supposed to be doing my book meme but I'm currently preoccupied with discarding ideas for Blind_Go fic.

ETA: Reading The Trouble With Kings by Sherwood Smith. Am one-eighth into it. Tempted to give up. Too many talking heads, too much talking, no scenery, heroine is dumb, supporting characters worse.


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