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Magnets for Trouble, Big Hero 6 (Disney)/Avengers crossover, by PitViperOfDoom

Big Hero Martian, Big Hero 6 (Disney)/The Martian crossover, by althor42

there's a michael jackson song about this, Iron Man 3/Avengers 2 crossover, by Bundibird


This Vote is Legally Binding by Ursula Vernon
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(A) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: I'm still trying to make up my mind whether it should be canon or very, very influential fanon. Or outright fanfic. I can see that it'd be exciting if I were watching the staged version, but I'm also wondering if the numerous very short scenes wouldn't seem rather choppy. Now, question of the hour: spoilery? )

(B) River of Stars, Saiyuki/Stargate SG-1 crossover, AU for Saiyuki, WIP, by Vathara. Yes, that's Vathara of Upon a Fiery Steed (at, the Gundam Wing/Stargate crossover, who I go back to again and again even though her Duo has rather fanon-ish than I would usually like and that goes for her Heero, her Wufei... but it's still addictive. Then there's Spin Cycle a Ruronin Kenshin/Stargate crossover and its somewhat sequels. Yes, she has a trend going for her. Actually I just like all of her crossover fics. And of course, who doesn't love Saiyuki?
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Ended up watching the Star Wars movie after all, which wasn't as much about The Force Awakening as in What the heck has the Force been doing, exactly? (Actually, should have gone in for Ip Man 3.) But eh, it was a corporate thing with free tickets. spoilery )


Decagram series, Seishirou/Subaru, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999 by AKK. It's been a long while since I've read a really satisfying TB/X future fic, a category which often by necessity is also an AU.


Chapter 31 of All the Best and Brightest Creatures, AU, Sherlock/John, WIP, by Wordstrings

Chapter 5 of Safeguard, Harry Potter/Avengers/Iron Man crossover, WIP, by esama.
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Love or What You Will, AU, Sherlock/John, poetry, Sherlock, by miss_frankenstein

You or Someone Like You, AU crossover of AUs, Tony/Steve, kidfic, by scifigrl47. This fic will probably be confusing if you haven't read the relevant AUs by the same author, but those are awesome in themselves, so it's just fanfic joy upon fanfic joy.

A Wing and A Prayer, Tony, Iron Man/Avengers, by copperbadge. The author, by the way, posting several new fics in the Iron Man/Avengers fandom - I loved this one most.


Random thoughts.

ONE. I saw a Subaru (vehicle) on the way to work, and my thoughts went to another Subaru, aka Tokyo Babylon. How old would Subaru be by now? Lessee, he was a young adult at X/1999, so 16 years on to now, 2015, he's probably in his mid to late 30s. Poor guy, I hope he isn't still hung up on Seishirou. It was a doomed romance from the start. There're still good years ahead, maybe with someone who's genuinely cheerful all the time. Like... Naruto! And now I want to write a fic where Subaru meets Naruto and have a cheerful affair.

TWO. Sat in on an interview during the week and I felt so bad for the candidate but... unless you have a physical condition that prevents you from doing so, SIT UP when you're at an interview. Sit up straight, even. You should not be hunched over your bag (which by the way, should be on the floor or maybe another chair but not your lap) and also, stop mumbling.

THREE. Damn this stupid haze. My eyes keep tearing up.
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Safeguard, Harry Potter/Avengers crossover, WIP, by esama. This WIP is spectacular.

Wings of Winter, Frozen/The Wild Swans crossover, by Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD)

aunts aren't gentlemen, Tony Stark, Jarvis, Iron Man, by screamlet
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Special Delivery, John, Sherlock, crossover, WIP, by lavvyan

The Prince's Bride, Harry/Severus, previous Harry/Ginny, reference to The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, by suitsamba

The Adventure of the Seal in the Living Room, John, Sherlock, Lestrade, and a Seal, Sherlock, by bold_as_Brass

The Wedding Present, Lestrade/Mycroft, Sherlock, by bold_as_brass.


I'd always heard that you could get a wide variety of stuff from Chinese shopping websites, but I've never taken the time to check them out before. And now I have, and it's hilariful like whoa.

The souvenirs you wanted to buy in China but didn't actually find in touristy shops:

Embroidery kits (what? I'd always wanted to learn to do Chinese embroidery - apparently they provide you real silk thread which is hard to come by where I am). Also embroidery paraphernalia.

Mink yarn.

Erhu... except I imagine it'd be a bit tough to get through customs due to the need to verify that the python skin used is from a sustainable source/not prohibited for import/any other reason.

Ooh, I've always wanted a jinghu!

Except if you go down the slippery slope of checking out musical instruments, what's to stop you from wanting to buy a
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Long fics:

Law Like Love, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by PlaidAdder. I really like the fact that it's written in reverse chronological order. Part of the Wild About Harry series, earlier parts of which I've recced before.

Crown of Thorns [The Walls, the Wainscot, and the Mouse] 'Verse, Crowley, Aziraphale, Good Omens, by irisbleufic.

Lilies at the Funeral, Miss Marple/Return to Night (Mary Renault) crossover, by [personal profile] legionseagle. It's on her website so I can't put down any comments as I would have done if it were on LJ or DW or AO3 or Read more... )
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[ profile] earlgreytea68 announced that she published her first book. It's here. Also there's a free prequel novella for those who want to dip their toes in first.

Three things struck me after reading the book )



Knight Magic, Sherlock/Harry Potter merged/crossover, John/Sherlock, by suitesamba.

Paparazzo, Tony Stark/Peter Parker, Iron Man/Spider-Man crossover, by basingstoke. And the sequel Tabloid
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This may as well go into my wildcard sqaure for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo?

Title: Swords up, swords down
Crossover: Merlin/Narnia
Summary: Two kings meet the once and future king.
Notes: Written for wildcard square of my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo and was a snippet that grew a bit.

Read more... )
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Note to self: write more for my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card.

To see you shift, sequel to you are a paradigm (previously recced), and its further sequel as I let you rewrite gravity, John/Sherlock, Sherlock in Potter 'verse, by 1electricpirate

The Montague Street Doctor, John, Sherlock, WIP (up to chapter 9 now), by The Circus

Jeeves and the Inferior Valet, or, Thomas and the Kindest Man in England, part 1/2 and part 2/2, Jeeves and Wooster/Downton Abby crossover, by [ profile] alex51324

Stolen from f-list a while back: Friday Night files, index to the real-life Go games used on Hikago.


Moment when you feel old: when a 23-year old is explaining, very earnestly to you, about discovering xkcd and how awesome it is.
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Acquisition crossover of Avengers/Sentinel, Sentinel 'verse, Sentinel!Clint + Guide!Coulson, WIP, by Aoife

But the Heart, Steve/Tony, Peter Parker, Avengers plus Spiderman, by kahn

Hikago Deathmatch round 3, theme of "umami":

Take One for the Team, Ochi, by akota


Signed up for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo

bingo card here )

I'm expecting to be very busy when school starts. Which is in two weeks. And yet here I am, signing up for a fic thingy. Well, well, well!
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Mainly I'm posting because I found myself writing this after reading Merlin fic and wondering how a domestic Merlin/Harry Potter crossover might work:

"-and there's a Harry, a Gandalf and a Merlin in our year."

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Merlin said, then his ears caught up. "Merlin? And I thought Lucy's year was bad." He rubbed the buzz-cut of his eldest daughter's teasingly - earning an annoyed "Dad!" - and revealed, "They've got a Gellert Grindelwald (yes, the whole thing) and an Albus."

"Grizzie's okay," Lucy said meditatively. "She thought about being a Dark witch in our second year, but gave that up to be a Beater."

/has no more


Watched Batman movie. It took about 3 hours. Afterwards we were sitting and watching the credits, thinking there would be outakes but there wasn't. But that's ok, half the theatre thought the same. :p Spoilers )


The Kids are Alright, kid!Sherlock, babysitter!John, Sherlock, by Hotel_Denounement

You are a paradigm, crossover of Harry Potter/Sherlock, John is a wizard, John/Sherlock, by 1electricpirate

Till I wake your ghost, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Avengers, by lanyon
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Gadarene by unpossible, AU but still in Merlin universe, Arthur/Merlin

Routine Procedure, Harry Potter/Sherlock crossover, shortfic, by meggannn

Tonight (I’m Fucking You), Star Trek/Iron Man crossover, Tony Stark/Leonard McCoy, by [ profile] canis_takahari
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Christening Gift, crossover of The Saint (by Leslie Charteris) and Good Omens, by Marcus Rowland

A Study in Lincoln Green, anachronistic medieval AU, Sherlock, by [ profile] grassle

“In the copse. The corpse is in the copse.”

“You left the carcass in the clearing? You didn’t bring the deceased to the demesne?”

“I left the body in the bushes, yes.”

“I can’t believe you left the stiff in the shrubs, Lord Sherlock.”

“The bones are fine among the branches, Sheriff Lestrade.”

The Final Problem (Seriously), crack, Sherlock, by Who is Small.


1) My kindle is named binky.

2) I can't believe I'm thinking of getting rid of my manga. (But I need the shelfspace!) Not all of it, but those that I am hanging on for pure nostalgia - I haven't the interest in re-reading them any more.

3) A local theatre group is planning to put on Equus, which I may now be too jaded to enjoy. Existential angst: been there, done that. What IS boggling is the brochure informing me that I might like to watch it on "Ladies Night" for "a sweet, lovely and romantic night".
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Sherlock fics:

Untitled Forensics John Fic and sequel, All's Well that Ends Well, AU, Sherlock/John, by [ profile] stickstockstone

Subliminal, Sherlock, by [personal profile] speranza

The Blog of Eugenia V. Watson, AU, WIP, kidfic, by [ profile] madlorific.
I can’t really describe how he walks except to say that he always looks like there’s an invisible cloak billowing out behind him.

2009 Sherlock Holmes movie:

Observations on Sentinels & Guides in Victorian London,
complete, Sherlock/John, Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie version) in Sentinel-verse, by [ profile] ryuuzakochou. Link goes to last chapter; top of post contains links to earlier chapters.
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*reads news of Libya*

It's been an eventful year, and it's only March.


Just completed by [ profile] writingispurdy: A Sherlock in HP-verse fic, The Magic of Deduction, year 1,
year 2,
year 3,
year 4, part 1 and part 2,
year 5, part 1 and part 2,
year 6, part 1 and part 2,
year 7, part 1 and part 2, and epilogue.

Recced Love is strange, Star Trek Reboot/Dirty Dancing crossover, Jim/Spock, by [personal profile] garryowen
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From f-list/reading list:

Some perspective on the Japan earthquake, maybe still a bit incomplete in terms of perspective, but it's bracing to read as an antidote to current OMG media hysteria.

A full explanation of nuclear power plants in Japan

Also Help Japan is very much on.


Elementary, My Dear MacLeod, 1/2 and 2/2, Sherlock/Highlander crossover, by [ profile] dkwilliams
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The Man Who Wasn't There, Sherlock, Lestrade, by [ profile] kantayra

1/2 of Stargate: Atlantis/Gundam Wing crossover and 2/2, by [ profile] askerian


Watched The King's Speech, since it has finally wend its way to this part of the world. It was indeed a well executed film, fun to watch, though going by the chatter as we left the theatre there were quite a lot of young 'uns in the audience who were more interested in what happened in WW2. Hm, I guess each generation becomes interested in that in their own time. And also it took a bit of effort to stop a mental twitch of "OMG Bellatrix Lestrange!" whenever Helena Bonham Carter came onscreen.

Also caught The Kids are All Right. Sigh... I'm not that keen on domestic drama, really. If it weren't for Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, I'd have given it a miss. For a film for which the hype was lesbian couple, there were an astonishing number of male-female sex scenes. Also I hate watching infidelity. Still, it was a good film, nicely nuanced.
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Book meme

Where is your nearest library? How long does it take you to get there?

It's about 15 minutes by foot from my office. There is another one nearer to my home, but amazingly that one takes 20 minutes to get to.

How often do you use it?

A few times a week, or couple of weeks if I've borrowed some really engrossing stuff, like knitting books. :p

How old were you when you started visiting libraries?

About 10? I had to wait until my big sister was old enough to go there on her own, and then she took me.

What's the first book you remember borrowing from the library?

Can't remember.

What's the last book(s) you borrowed from your library?

A travel guide to Britain. Then another. And another. Er, and a book on Tibetan jewellery.

Where's your favourite library? What's special about it?

The one near my office. ^__^ Actually I kind of hate the shelving system. (ETA: No, I hate it lots. HATE!!!!) But it houses a nice little open-air cafe, which has cheap coffee, cakes and great natural light for reading. My favourite thing is to borrow a book, a reference book with big photographs or a light novel, go out to the cafe and sit and read, and then return the book again when I'm done with coffee and cheesecake.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a library?

Weird? But a library contains everything!

Do you like your librarians? Do you even know them?

Sort of. Not really. I go in and out like a lurker.

What's the most helpful thing you've found (out)in a library?

Photocopying machines. Heh. Also that you can borrow your textbooks instead of buying them.

And that sometimes novels are arranged by genre.

Do you borrow before you buy, instead of buying, or randomly alongside purchased books?

Both. Sometimes I borrow while waiting for the book I've ordered, and then when my copy (finally) arrives it remains unread.


Won't Let You Choke, John/Sherlock, by [ profile] deepbluemermaid

A Catch, White Collar/Sherlock crossover, by [ profile] ariadnes_string


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