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Blind Go, round 18: the fics are here.

Not many fics this round. A far cry from previous rounds, which is a bit sad. But that's the nature of fandom, I suppose.



1. Someone commented the other day, when I said I was going to write for BG, that I ought to write more than just Hikago fic. Yeah, it's something to keep in mind, though I have written for a few (very few) other fandoms. My fic output has fallen drastically since the fervency of those Hikago days, but I doubt if I'll ever stop writing: there are still times when I simply feel the urge to write, and then I scribble some. I suppose it's rather lazy, waiting for inspiration rather than working at it, but I never pretended to be anything more than a hobbyist writer. ^__^

2. At the risk of sounding self-serving, I've decided that I ought to post my recent Hikago fics on AO3, as a matter of online record if nothing else. While writing for BG, I looked at my Hikago writing file and was a bit taken aback at how... unedited it was. My habit was/is to write, post (without even a beta) and then amend typos and phrasings as I went, working entirely on [edit post] versions. So my harddrive only has drafts and not the final versions... Yeah.

3. So, it's Hikago Day. I remember that I was starting to go off manga/anime at about the time I came across Hikago, but then I came across this scene: Read more... )

Happy Hikago Day, everyone!
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Empty Graves, Martha, Superman, by Unpretty

Permit A38, support staff of SHIELD, Avengers, by old_chatterhand


[personal profile] colorblue found Nirvana in Fire and I gushed about it at her post here. So much fun. I remember in one of the earlier episodes, one of the characters (Mengzhi) said to Mei Changsu, "You must have been through a lot (of suffering) to the extent that it changed the way you look now, to this." He meant it in a regretful way, and my id response was: "Wha.... he looks like Hu Ge now. There is no bad!"


Blind_Go id received for latest round. Now to write Hikago fic...


Mar. 11th, 2016 12:39 am
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1. Really, JKR? The magic school in Japan is called 'magic-place'? And their robes turn white when they do black magic? Someone should tell the Sumeragi clan.

2. And we're into the 18th round of Blind Go, in time for Japan's Children Day, or Hikago Day 5/5. I'm pimping it because I've signed up and want more people to write Hikago fic. ^_^

3. Alpha-Go v Lee Sedol. Lee lost the 2nd game too. We live in interesting times.
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So, my f-list has resolutely (as in, every single post in my friends list) declared hatred for cross-posting to Twitter or Facebook. I'll add my NOOOO to that. Oh, LJ, you're nuts. What will you do when you don't have users to piss off?

Anyway, I got a bit alarmed upon hearing about this weird feature and then remembered I had a Dreamwidth account, so...


In Posession, Heero, Duo, Gundam Wing, by [ profile] hadesphoenix

Running, Waiting, Fighting, Merlin/Supernatural/Torchwood crossover, meta-ish, by [ profile] skellerbvvt

This fic is pretty old so I guess people in the fandom have read it already, but oh well: Transcendental, John/Rodney, Stargate: Atlantis, by [ profile] astolat.

I think I'm supposed to be doing my book meme but I'm currently preoccupied with discarding ideas for Blind_Go fic.

ETA: Reading The Trouble With Kings by Sherwood Smith. Am one-eighth into it. Tempted to give up. Too many talking heads, too much talking, no scenery, heroine is dumb, supporting characters worse.
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Link from LJ's linguaphiles: Grammar Quizzes: Practise on Points of English Grammar


Um... happy Labour Day? For people who commemorate/celebrate it on this day. Wow, I really haven't posted for ages. I'd rec fic, but I want to go to sleep soon.

Hikago fic due in four days. Have no idea what to write, and I wanted to write something fun, too. >_>

The brainstorming part is what I hate about writing... well, what I hate second-most about writing. What I hate most about writing, other than the preliminary stage of being too chickenshit to write it because you can't see the shape of it in your mind or that you don't know how to start it or you think it's going to be crap... is well, when you write and it's on the computer screen and it IS crap.

Damn it.


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