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From bibliogramma: "100 MUST-READ SCI-FI FANTASY NOVELS BY FEMALE AUTHORS" by Nikki Steele. Interesting list, I guess.

Bolded the ones read, commented on a few. I've read about a quarter of the list, which sounds about right, as my taste in sci-fic/fantasy runs mostly to the lighthearted.

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*side-eyes*: They missed out The Changeover by Margaret Mahy. And The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.


Have dominion, Queen Helen, Magician's Nephew, Narnia, by edenfalling

God Save the Queen, RPF, Captain America et al, by copperbadge

Only Begotten and sequel, Whosoever Believeth, Lucifer/Damian crossover, and something like, canon is its own warning?, by astolat
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Am reading: 《琅琊榜》 aka Langyabang by 海宴 Hai Yan. I've heard that there's more than one version of the novel around, but this version I'm reading is rather entertaining.

Have read Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho and it is marvellous. I'd read only a couple of her short stories before and while I liked them, I was a bit doubtful about a whole novel. But Kinokuniya had a discount, haha, so I bought it and it's one of the more enjoyable novels I've read in a while. not really spoilery, but ) So I'm totally gasping for the sequel. There's supposed to be a sequel, right?


The Case of the Engineer's Petard, Sherlock, casefic, by AJHall

The shadows feel like home, part of the series National Service, Susan Pevensie, Narnia, Dr Who, Good Omens, and next in the series, Too used to being listened to, Edmund Pevensie, Narnia, Good Omens, by burntcopper.
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Yuletide tagset. The anime/manga section... someone nominated Tokyo Crazy Paradise! \o/ I was hoping to see that. Only Ryuji, Tsukasa and Meiko-sensei, though I'm hoping this doesn't prevent people from writing the other characters.

And Tokyo Babylon. Really? Wasn't it a massive fandom with loads of death fics and angst fics and death-angst fics? Not quite my cup; I wrote one years ago and got it out of my system then. But I suppose it'd be nostalgic to read more fics.

Curiously enough, also Finder no Hyouteki. Hm, I'd always thought it had a moderately big fandom? And Juuni Kokki? Saiyuki Gaiden but no Gensomaden Saiyuki. Curiouser. And does Uzumaki refer to the Uzumaki I have in mind and which I first read at the comic store, and to the live movie version? (Going by the characters offered, seems so.)

Haven't looked at the books section yet. But seems like I might want to do Yuletide this year...


An Unusual Dragon Situation, Eustace, Jill Pole, Narnia/Temeraire series, by WingedFlight

Concerning the Daily Maintenance of a Large Country House, Mrs Macready, Narnia, by WingedFlight


Watched Ruroni Kenshin: The Legend Ends, the third installment of the live action movies, today with Harumi and other friends. This was the end of the Kyoto Arc, Read more... )
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The Stone Gryphon series, Narnia, by rthsteward. It's very long (475,600 words) but. Have no other words than the ones I put on my bookmark at AO3: Remarkable in so many ways: development of character, depth of character; the attention to the setting of a Britain at war; tender yet courageous exploration of spirituality as seen in the books.

Yet turning stay, Pepper Potts, Iron Man, by Irnan.
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Nearly missed posting this: fics for Blind_Go round 13.

Happy Hikago Day, everyone!

ETA 2:

Haven't read all the entries yet, but I loved Nine Simple Rules by [Eisenberg]


Partita by [Adler]



One Digit Away, John/Sherlock, Sherlock, by [personal profile] afra_schatz

National Service, Peter Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Narnia, post-Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by burntcopper


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