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1. My average writing speed is... 1000 words per three hours. Spread over a few weeks. Oh, well. No one said I had to write longfics.

2. I really want to buy the new commemorative edition of HP and the Philosopher's Stone. But I already own a copy bought some 18 years ago. I got into HP in 1999. Hm.

3. Look, a book meme!

via [personal profile] oursin

1. You currently own more than 20 books: You mean the ones on my table. Yes.

2. You currently own more than 50 books: The ones on the floor. Yes.

3. You currently own more than 100 books: The ones on the shelves.

4. You amassed so many books you switched to an e-reader: Actually, that was for fanfic and school, but why not books as well, right?
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Grab the nearest book, flip to page 117, the second sentence is your life in 2017.

"They had carefully decorated the inside with holograms of grasslands, forests, and oceans; cultivated real gardens; and built fishing ponds and water fountains, turning the ship into a real home."

Death's End, by Liu Cixin, trans. Ken Liu, last installment of the Three-Body epic.

...okay? I'll be living in a make-believe place, it seems.


Job hunting continues. Today I did some teaching at a tutoring centre... tutoring a bunch of seven- and eight-year-olds, which is kind of amusing. Poor kids. Who actually wants to spend Saturday at a tutoring session?



Goblin, aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God: I don't know why the network renamed the series (or gave it two names), maybe the awesomeness of Gong Yoo just could not be limited to one title, or something. Haha.

One thing that drew my attention before it aired was that the inspiration came from Korean folktales (with plenty of adaptation, of course) rather than western-derived tales. Then it aired, and I loved the myth-making that went into the plot, even if it combined that with the theme of reincarnation -- which I'm usually wary about. There are quite a few long, drawn-out scenes of characters brooding, which can feel overlong unless you're simply enjoying the eyecandy (the cute thing about k-dramas is that there is a lot of pretty). The cinematography is gorgeous.

Other than that, I'm enjoying it so much that for the first time in my life of watching k-dramas I wished I understood Korean so that I could get the nuance of what the characters are saying. Last night there was major character death so I'm a bit bummed by that, but the scene before that happened ( defines "whoa". Also, I think that sword is almost too big.
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Part of my local newspaper's Q&A on Zika:

Q: What can a pregnant woman do if she has Zika?

A: Her doctor will monitor the development of the baby. If it is confirmed to have a major defect, and it is within 24 weeks of conception, abortion is a choice.

That. Is. Well, they said what most people would be thinking, even if it was for a brief moment.


Dragons and Other Metaphors, Akira, Hikaru, Hikago, by esama

Fallen Stars, Hikaru, Sai, Hikago, by esama


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Meme, stolen from f-list:

Rules: go to page 7* of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

Most of the businesses were held by a number of proxies, but eventually Takaba noticed that a name cropped up with regularity.


Strictly speaking, it was not a name at all. It was just a title that meant "Third generation head". Head of the organisation, Takaba speculated. But what organisation?

Takaba was about to give up when he found an old news archive of a now-defunct newsmagazine (it had been bought out by a bigger, more monied media company and then put to sleep, metaphorically speaking).

Actually page 7 of my working draft. Not going to tag, feel free to steal meme too!



All the Important Words Unspoken, AU, Harry/Draco, Harry Potter, by blamebrampton

Audio Commentary Track With Steve Rogers, Steve, Sam, Captain America, by copperbadge
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Meme! Though a bit irrelevant, seeing as I haven't written much fic for years.

Make a list of:

Ten things that you think are common in your fic:

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Ten things you think are uncommon in your fic although commonly found in fic in general:

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Ten things you wish were more true of your fic (just ten?):

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I finally found it! MV of 张学友's 《不想这是场戏》 a search complicated by the fact that I couldn't even figure out how to romanise Cantonese, and didn't remember the exact title, and Jacky Cheung has too many songs and MVs. Resolution isn't that great, but yay anyway. What I really love about this is that the male character (Cheung himself, as presumably himself the famous singer) and the female character do not end up together. They had a few moments of chemistry while practising their dance, and that was it. The end was lovely.

And goodness, does Jacky Cheung look so young, or is it just me?
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I can't remember if I did something like this last year, but well, a lot has happened this year. I got older, slightly more bitter but also calmer about stuff. So- Read more... )
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Ah, memes.

Pick up the book nearest to you and turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life.

(Is it okay if it's a book that I printed and bound myself? I did not, however, write it.)

(7) Subject to section 29, a limited company shall have either "Limited" or "Berhad" as part of and at the end of its name.*

I've got nothin'.

*Singapore Companies Act (Chapter 50) 2006 Revised Edition


Fairytale and Clockwork Hearts, (Tales of the Bots series), probably wouldn't make sense to people who haven't read the other fics in the series), WIP, Dummy, Steve/Tony, Avengers, by scifigrl47

[ profile] ursulav launches Toad Words, her collection of fairytale re-tellings, in e-book fashion, under the name T. Kingfisher. (Hm, why did I keep typing Toad Woads?) I've read all but the new story before, of course, but it's nice to have them in one place instead of hunting them down, though it did take USD3.99 (or whatever is your local currency equivalent). Price's within the acceptable range for me. The new story, Boar & Apples, is an interesting take on the tale, but the plot was not as unexpected as I was hoping for (though the boar who is also an architect is awesome). Felt a little depressing here and there; I'm happier with the other tales.

Speaking of fairytales: Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad!, Harry, Ron and Hermione, WIP, Harry Potter by Meltha
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I come late to this particular blogging meme, but would my f-list like to give suggestions for posts starting this Solstice? I reserve the right to make up topics for empty slots.

Rules of the meme:

Pick a date below and give me a topic. It can be anything, from fandom to offline life to whatever you want.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don’t.

You can request multiple topics (as long as they’re on different days — one topic per day!).

starting from 22 Dec to 22 Jan )

ETA: Oh, right. The hazards of crossposting on LJ and DW. Um, comment wherever you wish and if there's a conflict, I'll fill the next available slot instead.
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Slow and Steady, chapter 1, WIP (up to 11 chapters at last count), future Heero/Duo, GW, by [ profile] turnippatch

No Intention, AU, Sherlock-is-John's-father, WIP, by KeelieThompson1


Year-end fandom meme )
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Didn't crosspost last couple of entries, because weirdly Dreamwidth turns into a page of red and the box disappears when I log into it at work.

99 Bowls of Plomeek Soup on the Wall, Sarek, Amanda, Spock, general, humour, Star Trek (The Original Series), by jamjar and petra


Stole a meme:

Name your 10-15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms:

1) Heero/Duo (Gundam Wing)
2) Hikaru/Akira (Hikaru no Go)
3) Mulder/Scully (X-files)
4) Kaoru/Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)
5) Echizen/Momoshiro (Prince of Tennis)
6) Tsukasa/Ryuji (Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
7) Fujiwara/86 (Initial D)
8) Clark/Lex (Smallville)
9) Peabody/Emerson (Amelia Peabody books)
10) Haku/Chihiro (Spirited Away)
11) Ashitaka/San (Princess Mononoke)
12) Sanzo/Goku (Saiyuki)
13) Lee/Gaara (Naruto)
14) Tsuzuki/Touda (Yami no Matsuei)
15) Methos/McLeod (Highlander)

Other couples that I like: Hikaru/Akari, Isumi/Le Ping, Atobe/Jirou, Fujiwara/Ryousuke... I like Harry/Draco and Harry/Snape equally, tho' if someone can find me Harry/Draco/Ron that would be Just Fine.


Came across this Malaysian retailer/trading co? that sells the Hanlin ebook. Read a review that says it uses a Nokia battery. I'm weirdly charmed by this. Maybe because I own a Nokia battery (well, two) and it's like I already own part of an ebook! (It made sense in my head...)


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