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I'd got the impression that one's journal is just one's everyday entries, no splash page necessary, especially not in a journal that usually posts links to fics. But on the other hand I've been realising that there are some posts that veer into RL territory and so perhaps it's not such a bad idea...

What's more, I'm not certain but that I might end up mentioning more RL stuff (can't be helped, I'm more of a lurker on fandom nowadays, so non-fandom stuff pops up more and more).

I'm of Chinese descent. I'm fluent in Chinese, for a sufficiently wide definition of fluent. I used to play Chinese musical instruments.

My main fandom is (was?) Hikaru no Go, aka Hikago. I used to write some fics for it. I've dabbled in other fandoms, and a lurker mostly. I have an AO3 account, if that helps? issen4. Though more of my fics are at LJ.

More info about my fandom pursuits are actually in my profile, but mainly what I enjoy doing is reading fanfic and reccing the ones I love on DW (and LJ via crossposting). I'm not too fussy about which fandom, so long as I have a passing familiarity with the canon and at sometimes even when I know nothing of the canon, so long as I'd liked the fic. My posts otherwise are on random stuff. I'm sort of timid as a general rule, and sometimes passive-aggressive about things that bother me; otherwise I try to be non-confrontational.

I read fewer books than I ought to, so there're very few bookposts.

Or as DW puts it, Reading list. Feel free to subscribe. Or unsubscribe, as the case fits.
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