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1) Job: I found a job! \\o// clearly. Conveyancing's not quite my first choice but I like it well enough, having done it for a short stretch last year. People at my new office seem ok and are professional about work, which I feel comfortable with.

2) Which hurriedly throws a wrench into my teaching schedule. (The new office wanted me to start asap.) Originally I was relaaaaaxingly teaching a mere three classes every Saturday, but with a full-time job, there's some serious juggling of my free time. The easy solution is to give up the teaching, but I feel reluctant about doing so. For one thing, I like it; it's almost like a hobby, if one with annoying bits like marking homework.

3) OMG Goblin. I'm astonished at myself for still being hung on a k-drama more than a month after it ended, but I am. Intellectually, I know that it has flaws: slow plot development, lots of repeating sequences (though that's part of the fun, to me), the strong hints of predestination, but frankly I don't notice while I'm watching (or even, re-watching) it. It's an experience, all right. I've ignored Sherlock (still ignoring) for it.

4) So, Goblin fic. What really makes me grrr is the fact that the reunion between the lovers happens some 70-100 years in the future (or so I deduce), and much as I want to write reunion fic, I am not a futurist! They must (mustn't they?) use something other than mobile phones to communicate, right? And are there still professions such as a radio producer 70 years from now? Will there still be two Koreas? Was there civil war (again)? What are high schools and universities of the future like? And I assume they have self-driving cars or some other mode of transport, right? And how did climate change affect weather patterns? (Somewhat important as the male protagonist has supernatural powers.) Certain things, I can fudge away because I don't think family behaviour and cultures/traditions would change out of recognition. But the rest of it? Writing is hard.

5) Also, obssessed with the soundtrack to Beautiful Mind (K-drama, not the Hollywood movie).
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At work...

COLLEAGUE (of a colleague of ours who is blind, in that person's presence): My daughter thinks that ___ is faking it and is fooling you all. She says that when no one else around, ___ probably opens his eyes and looks around.


___: *splutters in outrage*

It sounds so much worse now that I've typed it out. Ugh.


Yuletide: Nominated Tokyo Crazy Paradise, The Changeover, The Tempest (Shakespeare), 12 Kingdoms, Dresden Files and fairytales. First time I'm doing this, but I guess a 1,000 word fic in any of the above should be doable?...

Also likely doing NaNoWriMo, although if work gets busier I'll probably end up giving up halfway. Now wondering what to write...
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Haven't been writing any fics for a while, and feel bad about that. This is me, expressing a fervent determination to get with the writing. *nods*

To remind myself:

Upcoming issue of Imaginary Beasts ready for submissions. Theme: Rogue and scoundrels. Deadline: 12 July 2009 (for stories)


The Eradication of Self, Waya/Shigeko, Morishitas, Hikaru no Go, by [ profile] chaineddove


Also, have two Dreamwidth invites. Anyone interested?


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