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Sins of the Fathers, Scorpius/Albus, HP, by blamebrampton, and the sequel, Fathers Who Could Do With A Spot of Sinning, Harry/Draco.


I read Cold Days by Jim Butcher and it was not awful. Either that or enough time away from reading his books have lowered my expectations enough to make it easier to bear with Harry Dresden's brand of describing women who were not for him, by gosh look at that body!, but no thanks, m'am, you're too sexy/scary/innocent. I do like the hint of overarching plotline, but did not enjoy all the angsty angst about how being Winter Knight's making him evil. Or such like. Or that roles such as being Summer Lady, Winter Queen blah blah somehow have some kind of ur-cookie sheet-archetype that superimposes itself on the individual who takes the position and so you have no choice but to be evil. Is that like being reincarnated as a tiger and therefore being compelled to eat small animals?

I liked having more of Murphy and Thomas, especially the brotherly bits. And Mouse! Best dog. Overall, not too bad for this installment, though it was about 20% too long. After finishing CD, I thought I had enough tolerance to read the next book, so I placed a hold at the library.

Which was about 20% better. It didn't have so many Dresden/a woman! dilemmas, it had Mouse, and it had a bit more of an overarching plot (again) though the plot itself, which contains a bit of a heist, was more of a "eh, take it or leave it". The final scenes near the end with Hades and his vault were pretty interesting, if not very imaginative. It's comforting to know that wealthy supernatural beings, like us crass mortals would if we had the capability, have fountains of diamonds in their vaults. (Well, I would want to. If I didn't have taste and apparently couldn't buy it.) Overall, enjoyable to read; it was pretty long, but it didn't feel tedious, so that was nice. There was no Thomas in this installment, which is a bit of an outrage. There was Maggie, which was a nice touch. Ditto Michael.


I went to donate blood today and it was a success! Well, I'm perhaps more gleeful than I should be, because it's the first time in years that my iron levels were high enough for me to do so. Though that was due to the iron supplements the staff gave me. Oh well. I should make it a regular thing; program the next appointment into my phone or something.
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