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Meme, stolen from f-list:

Rules: go to page 7* of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

Most of the businesses were held by a number of proxies, but eventually Takaba noticed that a name cropped up with regularity.


Strictly speaking, it was not a name at all. It was just a title that meant "Third generation head". Head of the organisation, Takaba speculated. But what organisation?

Takaba was about to give up when he found an old news archive of a now-defunct newsmagazine (it had been bought out by a bigger, more monied media company and then put to sleep, metaphorically speaking).

Actually page 7 of my working draft. Not going to tag, feel free to steal meme too!



All the Important Words Unspoken, AU, Harry/Draco, Harry Potter, by blamebrampton

Audio Commentary Track With Steve Rogers, Steve, Sam, Captain America, by copperbadge
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Love or What You Will, AU, Sherlock/John, poetry, Sherlock, by miss_frankenstein

You or Someone Like You, AU crossover of AUs, Tony/Steve, kidfic, by scifigrl47. This fic will probably be confusing if you haven't read the relevant AUs by the same author, but those are awesome in themselves, so it's just fanfic joy upon fanfic joy.

A Wing and A Prayer, Tony, Iron Man/Avengers, by copperbadge. The author, by the way, posting several new fics in the Iron Man/Avengers fandom - I loved this one most.


Random thoughts.

ONE. I saw a Subaru (vehicle) on the way to work, and my thoughts went to another Subaru, aka Tokyo Babylon. How old would Subaru be by now? Lessee, he was a young adult at X/1999, so 16 years on to now, 2015, he's probably in his mid to late 30s. Poor guy, I hope he isn't still hung up on Seishirou. It was a doomed romance from the start. There're still good years ahead, maybe with someone who's genuinely cheerful all the time. Like... Naruto! And now I want to write a fic where Subaru meets Naruto and have a cheerful affair.

TWO. Sat in on an interview during the week and I felt so bad for the candidate but... unless you have a physical condition that prevents you from doing so, SIT UP when you're at an interview. Sit up straight, even. You should not be hunched over your bag (which by the way, should be on the floor or maybe another chair but not your lap) and also, stop mumbling.

THREE. Damn this stupid haze. My eyes keep tearing up.
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Before I forget:

Desynchronization, chapter 14, part 1 and part 2, Ogata finds amnesic Sai, Touya Kouyo, Hikaru, Hikaru no Go, by [ profile] ontogenesis

You'll Get There in the End, part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, completed, Kirk/Spock, reboot!Star Trek movie, by [ profile] seperis

Recced by [personal profile] meteordust: Excerpts from Sweetheart vs. Spitfire, et al, a Temeraire tennis AU.


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