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Blind Go, round 18: the fics are here.

Not many fics this round. A far cry from previous rounds, which is a bit sad. But that's the nature of fandom, I suppose.



1. Someone commented the other day, when I said I was going to write for BG, that I ought to write more than just Hikago fic. Yeah, it's something to keep in mind, though I have written for a few (very few) other fandoms. My fic output has fallen drastically since the fervency of those Hikago days, but I doubt if I'll ever stop writing: there are still times when I simply feel the urge to write, and then I scribble some. I suppose it's rather lazy, waiting for inspiration rather than working at it, but I never pretended to be anything more than a hobbyist writer. ^__^

2. At the risk of sounding self-serving, I've decided that I ought to post my recent Hikago fics on AO3, as a matter of online record if nothing else. While writing for BG, I looked at my Hikago writing file and was a bit taken aback at how... unedited it was. My habit was/is to write, post (without even a beta) and then amend typos and phrasings as I went, working entirely on [edit post] versions. So my harddrive only has drafts and not the final versions... Yeah.

3. So, it's Hikago Day. I remember that I was starting to go off manga/anime at about the time I came across Hikago, but then I came across this scene:

Just before Hokuto Cup was held (because I watched the special first), Hikaru was playing with Akira and was boasting to Akira about how he's going to make the team, and Akira says, "I'm already in the team." And Hikaru was inwardly *wtf, that's so unfair, we're on the same level!* and stands up, says he's not going to go to the Go salon to play with Akira again, not until he's made the team.

Akira's expression and exclamation of dismay!!!

That clinched it for me. I had to watch the whole series from the beginning, and then:

-That lovely day for the school Go club when, with Sai's help, Hikaru beats every single player.

-When Hikaru realised, while helping Sai to play net Go, that he could understand the game too.

-When all the insei were coming out of the lift at the Ki-in, Hikaru and Sai included, and they see Kuwabara, and quickly bowed to him. Except Hikaru. And Kuwabara senses *something*.

-When Hikaru really wanted to play by himself at his Newcomer game, but Sai really really really wanted to play with Touya Kouyo too.

-When Hikaru goes looking for Sai everywhere.

-When Hikaru dreams of Sai, wakes up, and goes on with his life.

-When Akira gets up in the middle of the night, and see Touya Kouyo waiting for an opponent that we know will never appear. I think that moment informs a lot of reincarnation fics.

Happy Hikago Day, everyone!

Date: 2016-05-05 05:23 pm (UTC)
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Very sad to see so few Blind Go fics, but I think you're right. There's a season for every fandom, or something like that.

Ditto re: AO3 for archiving. I've been moving all of my old fic there from LJ, much of which I don't have any text file for at all any more because the laptop I was using at the time died unexpectedly.

Also, that's a lovely story of your introduction to the fandom! That moment when Kuwabara senses *something* is one of my favorite moments in the whole story!! =)

Happy Hikago Day!!


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