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Guzheng exam ended earlier today. *checks date* Well, yesterday. I don't even know if I passed, because I made quite a few mistakes--but at least it's over; I've been stressing about it for weeks.

In celebration, I went looking for Hikago fic.

My humble unworthy self, by esama. I love this fic like whoa. It has some of the things that normally give me pause in Hikago fics: amnesia, Sai comes back, Heian shrine to Sai, and Sai/Hikaru, because those aren't always convincingly done, but that's not true in this case. I love the author's characterisation of Hikaru most of all, and the way the story comes together--perhaps a little fast in terms of pacing--but so lovely and satisfying. There are a few grammar hiccups, but nothing major.

Tips on Being a Pedophile Without Looking Like One, by Moonlight Memories. If just reading that title makes a certain Hikago character's name pop into your mind, you might like reading this. But be warned: while it's funny, it's not at all flattering to that character.

Non-Hikago fic:

Take Liberties, Jeeves/Wooster, by [ profile] thehoyden. Beautifully done.


Recced by [ profile] sutlers: Contemplating the leap: fanfiction and original fiction and Horsehair plaster and engineering a story structure by [personal profile] kaigou.
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It's been months since I wrote any Hikago fics. I've got a few vague ideas, but nothing that makes me really want to write. So! I'm in search of inspiration and hoping that my f-list can help.

I want rumours. That is, what rumours do you think spread around the Hikago-verse, especially in the Go community? I mean, the rumour "I heard that Touya Akira and Shindou Hikaru are like that!" is probably run of the mill, but how about wild rumours like "Ogata was seen with a porn actress at a nightclub!" or "Gokiso-sensei in debt to yakuza moneylenders!"...?

Sounds like an interesting plan?

So, tell me a wild (or not so wild) rumour about Hikago characters (just comment), and I'll write a short fic/drabble based on it next month. Promise.


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