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In a fit of madness I hit upon the idea of wanting to buy more hair sticks and stumbled (not so accidentally - I heard the prices were low) upon wooden ones. It's at Taobao. Not sure if the links will work, but if they do the pictures... I assure you I'm boggled and tempted. I also did not know that there were such things as porcelain hair sticks but they are pretty, and then I saw these ones made of wooden shavings which are also very, very pretty, and I want to buy a bunch and stick them in vases.

Speaking of flowers: Passion fruit, pomegranate and honeysuckle flavoured tea. I don't often go in for flavoured teas, but it was on sale. And it's sweet. I mean, it's sweet-smelling, but I drink it without sugar and I'm thinking, "Ooh, tastes sweet". When it's only the flavourings giving me that impression. Interesting effect.


Sorry Doesn't Always Make Things Right, Laura/Sorry, The Changeover, by Aishuu.

There is just not enough Changeover fic in the world. Maybe it's because Margaret Mahy portrayed Laura and Sorry's story so well that people feel reluctant to intrude? I feel a bit of that. But I still want fic. ^_^

ETA: Keep the Car Running, up to chapter 7, WIP, Inception/Sherlock crossover by [ profile] earlgreytea68.


Current most hated word: susurration (and my god! I spelt it right on the first try! Go me! Too bad I have no use for this word myself.) I've seen it twice now (at least) in Nukume Dori, a Tokyo Babylon/X/1999, Subaru/Seishirou fic. I enjoy the fic, but this word just doesn't feel right to me in the instances when it has been used. Maybe it's too abstract? I've seen it to describe the rustling sound of bedclothes, but the word always jerks me out of the narrative.


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