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Christening Gift, crossover of The Saint (by Leslie Charteris) and Good Omens, by Marcus Rowland

A Study in Lincoln Green, anachronistic medieval AU, Sherlock, by [ profile] grassle

“In the copse. The corpse is in the copse.”

“You left the carcass in the clearing? You didn’t bring the deceased to the demesne?”

“I left the body in the bushes, yes.”

“I can’t believe you left the stiff in the shrubs, Lord Sherlock.”

“The bones are fine among the branches, Sheriff Lestrade.”

The Final Problem (Seriously), crack, Sherlock, by Who is Small.


1) My kindle is named binky.

2) I can't believe I'm thinking of getting rid of my manga. (But I need the shelfspace!) Not all of it, but those that I am hanging on for pure nostalgia - I haven't the interest in re-reading them any more.

3) A local theatre group is planning to put on Equus, which I may now be too jaded to enjoy. Existential angst: been there, done that. What IS boggling is the brochure informing me that I might like to watch it on "Ladies Night" for "a sweet, lovely and romantic night".
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I'm seriously amused at the way each and every of my Japanese students go "EHHH?! Uso!" when I inform them that outside of Japan, females do not customarily give males chocolate on Valentine's Day.

My boss lamented his lack of Valentine chocolate because the females in a foreign land don't have this delicious (albeit manufactured) tradition. ("I gave you heart-shaped CNY cookies", I said.)


Despite my calling it "Chinese New Year" (or CNY), plenty of other cultures (in Vietnam, for example) that follow the Chinese lunar calender celebrate today, too, so perhaps Lunar New Year is a better choice? Hm. Oh well, I'm pretty sure additional good luck never goes amiss, anyway, so happy new year to all and best of luck in the new year! This is supposedly the year of the tiger, so scary influences will be stronger this year, and so we've all got to take things easy and carefully (say the astrologers on TV). There was also the usual round of vague sayings all wishing good health and happiness, so I wish everyone the same too!

My favourite new year couplet:
天增岁月人增寿, 春满乾坤福满门

Happy New Year!


Recced by [ profile] prillalar: Enough Suffering for Anyone, Inui/Kaidou, Prince of Tennis, by [ profile] poilass

Sailor Hellblazer, crossover of Sailor Moon and Constantine, by David Tai and Rod M.

From crack_van: , Come in from the Cold, Numb3rs, general, by OughtaKnowBetter.


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