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Happy new year to everyone! Best wishes for good health and good fortune for the months ahead.

I don't really think I want to make new resolutions, but I will start of the year with gentle reminders to myself to be more patient, to continue my regular exercise routine, practice my guzheng more and to write more. Hm. That's more than enough to go on with, right?


Yuletide reveals:

A Peaceful Journey, Wukong, the White Dragon, Journey to the West, written by hellseries. Thank you so much for this!

And to my delight: Chrysalis, Tsukasa/Ryuji, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, by [personal profile] tielan. That's right, TCP fic! And it's a fantastic one from Meiko-sensei's POV. Thank you for such a lovely surprise.

I wrote Not the Yesteryear, Michi/Hikaru, Majo no Jouken. I was always interested in what happened after the end of the drama, and I wanted things to turn out well for them, even with all the repercussions they have to deal with.
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Cold North Wind, Valka, Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon 2, by sunflowerb

Puzzle Pieces, Valka, Hiccup, How to Train Your Dragon 2, by nicoli_boli


Is it my sour grapes talking, or does my f-list happen to have more people than usual going on holiday and being rather self-congratulatory about it? Or is this normal summer behaviour and this is the first time I'm noticing it? I mean, there are posts with descriptions of holidays that I do like and remind self to put on bucket list. Then there are those posts where I scroll past and wonder if the poster is aware how the contents of the post come across. What makes the difference? Quality of writing? Attractiveness of destination? Photos?

I'm restless, I guess.
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I would have been feeling pathetic for not doing anything party-like for New Year's Eve, except that when one has cramps of the monthly sort it's really just best to stay at home with chocolate.

Recced by [ profile] imbrii: Oh God Not Again, time travel, Harry Potter by Sara1281

What You Don't See, Horatio/Hamlet, by [ profile] irisbleufic

Fifthmus fics:

Switch, Akari/Akira, by [ profile] nighteevee

Always and Forever, Akari, Hikaru, by [ profile] qem_chibati

Clubbing 101, Or How to Avoid a Stubborn Korean, Akira/Hikaru, by [ profile] verloren1983

Confidence, Isumi, Kurata, by [ profile] mmmdraco

Yuletide fics

(Love makes you) do the wacky, Big Wolf on Campus

The Rules of Barrayan Sex, Cordelia, Aral, Vorkosigan series

Heart's Presages, Richard II/Bushy/Bagot/Green,

Small Creatures Such as We, Alan/Lenonard, Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars,

Sadly, I couldn't find Tokyo Crazy Paradise fic. >_< So this is from

Side by Side by LunaSphere


one of those end-of-year memes )


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